Aquarium, the brave new world in my home

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Aquarium is the way that we understand the life of a fish. Having one aquarium is a tremendous responsibility. I will talk about my experience, abut my aquarium and some useful tips that can help you have a great aquario

Aquarium, the 1st step

Having an aquarium is huge responsibility. We control some beautiful life forms, that have a dependence from us, that live by our mistakes. Buying an aqua just for having something beautiful is wrong. You can buy a paint if want some beautiful. Fishes are fragile, they need care and attention. We must try to give to them the most proper environment that they have in nature.
Before of getting this new life forms forms we must evaluate what kind of environment we can offer to them. If we have space, if our water is good, enough free time to clean and take care of theirs "house", and mainly if we care enough about them to do not let them die.
The 1st time i build my aqua, i think about this questions for 2 weeks, and the result was beautiful. So i thought, space? i have a lot space in my house, i can put them near a window to give them some sunlight. This question was solved. Next one was the conditions of my water. In water billing they send us values of the ammonia, limestone and other chemicals present on water. So i analyzed them and conclude that was almost perfect. Limestone values are inconstant so i must be care when i change the water. Water question tagged as "resolve". Time was never a problem to me, since i am a student i can manage my time to include the aqua maintenance in my schedule. When i come to the last question, well that make me think a lot. So i have time, space and water, but do will i have my interest and my enthusiasm up for treating them. Patience for chancing the water, patience for research? Well after all motivation is ephemeral without enthusiasm. What to do....what to think? I wanted so badly having a new world in my house but i couldn't let them suffer, i couldn't let them die. Everything has an end but at his time, not forced by someone.
Well two weeks later i got my own aquarium, and i became a fish breeder, that's my motivation, i sell them, i give them i don't want nothing more but the comfort of my little friends I take care of them, i have a lot of guppies, platys, tretrazonas barbs, and my favorite the Panda Corydora.
They are my world, my new world, my inspiration. I study near them, they listen my school subjects, and i am getting better and better. Today i have almost 50 fishes, and 30 baby fishes. Never underestimate the power and value of the little thing, and the effort of what can a man do.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
10th May 2014 (#)

Fish make great pets but are not as easy to care for as most people might think, I hope you enjoy your new aquarium fish.

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author avatar d3oxys
10th May 2014 (#)

I couldn't agree more mr Mark. The Aquarium that i have build is the proof that a pass most of my days watching and working on him than study :D

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author avatar snerfu
11th May 2014 (#)

Interesting hobby -- nice article d3oxys.

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author avatar d3oxys
11th May 2014 (#)

Thanks...and mor is incoming....i will try to post everything i know about this...share experience.

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