Are Social Abilities the essential attributes of personal development?

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Social abilities are social kills which are to be cultivated in such a way that the personal and interpersonal communication methods are made verbally and non verbally , through gestures, body language and our personal appearance. If the social skills are not developed from the early age of life. personal development of the individual may not take place..


Social abilities are the social skills to be nurtured from the early ages of life. Social skills are many and varied . The personal and interpersonal communication skills, friendliness, politeness, good manners, acceptability of the individual person in the society, pleasing personality, delivery of speech to the members of the society, ethical behavior. All these qualities make the man perfect. Social skills are to be taught and learned . Without learning , the man can not be presentable to the society. The verbal and nonverbal personal and interpersonal communication skills are made through gestures, body languages and personal appearance . Human beings are sociable creatures and we have developed many ways to communicate our messages , thoughts and feelings with others. What is said is influenced by both verbal languages and the way we use it - tone of voice ,volume of speech and the words we choose- as well as by more subtle messages such as body language,gestures and other non verbal communication methods. The distinct advantages to having well developed social skills are as follows: a) cultivation of more and better relationships,b) for better communication , c) for greater efficiency, d) for advancing career prospects ,e) for increased overall happiness.

Qualities of social abilities

One of the most important qualities of social abilities is friendliness. Those who can make friends with the members of every strata of the society are a advantageous lot. Friendly people are good to be around. They are sociable ,pleasant companions who always know how to say things the right way even when they are challenging others' behaviors. They are the natural facilitators in groups, making the social round move more smoothly. Friendliness make the matter so smooth that it is not difficult to manage the situation efficiently. The persons are generally dependent on good friends who can take confidence of the unruly neighbors .The men who follow good manners are lovable by all . They know how to behave and how to speak with others. They have full patience and do not become angry with others at the slightest provocation. They know how to stay clean and how to dress the informal and formal dress to make it a sense according to the situation . They know how to remain polite in spite of provocation. Being polite means being aware of and respecting the feelings of other people. We may not always notice politeness but we usually notice rudeness and inconsiderate behavior. Politeness can and will improve our relationships with others , help to build respect and rapport , boost your self esteem and confidence,and improve our communication skills. Politeness makes the man winner in the long run..


Social abilities are to be nurtured from the early age of life. All these qualities are to be taught to make the man perfect in dealing with others ,failing which he or she may face hardships in conducting the life. Those who are well trained with all such qualities may become a successful man in later life. They become happy and prosperous in their careers


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