Are There Copyrights On Tattoos?

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In the world of art different mediums are used for drawing. The body is a canvas for some where beautiful tattoos are drawn. Some of these designs are extraordinarily beautiful and truly works of art. The question that begs to be answered is this, 'Does the artist have any rights on his designs?'

The Artist And His Art

When it coms to works of art, there is such a thing as copyrights. We are not allowed to duplicate works that belong to another and pass it off as our own. Copyrights Acts are in place to ensure that the ownership of pieces of work of art will be granted to those who produced these work and to ensure creative theft is avoided. Even photographs and materials from the Internet cannot be used unless due credit is given to the owner. With this in mind what is the status of tattoos?

Copyrights And Tattoos

Can a tattoo design that is an original work of art be copied and passed of as another’s? If we are to assume that a tattoo artist has the right to protect his work, then his design is exclusively his and no one else can have a similar design on his or her body. The ownership of the original artist must be acknowledged but to do this would be difficult when the body is the canvas. Of late, there was a case where a tattoo was designed exclusively for a client based on his requirements. The cost was also based on the fine details of the design and the complexity of the drawing. This as supposed to be a one of a kind design but unfortunately it was copied by another tattoo artist and used as his own. Here in lies the problem. As far as I know the problem is yet to be resolved but it is an interesting argument.

If you have a tattoo design on your body that belongs to another, are you carrying stolen property, literally? 


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Nov 2013 (#)

Even acknowledging the original artist does not get a person off the hook in the case of copyright laws, you can only use images if they were released copyright free, or if you paid for them.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
21st Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post

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