Are identities important in social life?

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Identity is the important tag of every citizen in life. Citizens are identified on the basis of country, caste, creed, sex, religion and the names of the persons. Citizens are known by the professions they adopt in life. Without identity , no citizen can be identified for his or her own good.


The establishment of identity starts from the day a baby is born. When a baby is grown up into kid , he or she starts going into nursery school. Right from the days of school to the university ,kids,boys and girls are known as student The young men and women are known as students. When they come out of school ,college or university , they try to enter into professional field. As soon as they get employment, they set up their own identity in the employment. Those who take admission in the medical colleges. After passing out from the colleges , they establish their identity as doctors. Similarly those who are admitted in I.I.Ts or engineering colleges , and passing out from the colleges, are known as engineers or technologists. The pass out from the law colleges are known as lawyers or advocates after registration from the Bar Council of India. Those who pursue M.Phils and Ph.Ds and post doctoral courses in science stream are known as scientists. In Arts and commerce streams ,when they enter into colleges and universities ,they are known as lecturers ,assistant professors ,associate professors , readers and professors. The more you excel in studies , the more status and rank will be enhanced. After passing out from the professional courses like B, Ed, M.Ed .they enter into schools as school teacher. Those who pursues and clears Chartered Accountancy ,Cost Accountancy are known as Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant respectively. To establish identity in the professional field requires rigorous exercise in academic studies .By selecting a line , the more you study in academic studies ,the far,far better result will come out . If you pursue and clears M.BA ,you will be known as Masters of Business Administration.

Role of identity in social life

Social identity carries social prestige . Those who have acquired professional identity commands respect in their professional field .You can rise your head and move forward. All professions have its own prestige and have a positive role in their social life .No professions can be dishonored ce . The professionals are supreme in their respective fields . The generalists like administrative officers of the central government and the state governments ,bankers, administrative officers of Life Insurance Corporation of India, etc have a definite role in their respective administration in the country. They are also not mean achievers in the society. They come out successful from the keen competitive examinations. The specialist doctors, the veterinary surgeons ,the agricultural scientists , the agriculturists etc commands high respect in the society. Last of all, there is another identity known as political identity in the society. Those who are active in political field under political banner have their own political identity. .


Man works hard to secure an identity to acquire social prestige in the society. The young men and women should be motivated to pursue their studies in such a way the they do not falter in every day of life. They should be guided by their strong determination and self confidence to achieve their desired goals in life and establish their own identity in life.


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19th Aug 2015 (#)

We are born with different talents and specialize in them if we have the opportunity. But we should work for the welfare of society so that our contributions matter. We need everyone - siva

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19th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for nice advice.

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