Are you an 'Evolved' Thinker or an 'Intellectual' Thinker?

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Do you consider yourself an 'evolved' thinker? Learn the differences between an evolved thinker and an intellectual thinker, to determine if your worldview has been swayed by cultural influences.

What is an 'Evolved' Thinker?

An evolved thinker is one who has an ever-changing view on the world, determined by the local culture, and the present influences on his life. Such a thinker has a 'buffet mentality', picking and choosing ideas that sound good or fit with his current ideology, allowing his or her thoughts on the world to morph and change, with passing trends in society.

The problem with being an evolved thinker lies within the root word of evolution.

Evolution - as taught in public schools - teaches that the universe was formed by a random sequence of events that took place in the universe. If you follow this chain of events, and believe this ideology, then you must also believe that every living animal and human on the Earth today happened out of a random sequence of events. A lot of changing and morphing must have taken place over a long period of time (as the theory of evolution goes), for all life as we know it to exist.

But, the word universe in latin actually comes from 'uni' meaning single, and 'verse' meaning spoken. The universe was literally a single spoken verse (or sentence) out of the mouth of God. If God created it, there was a beginning, and there must be an end. The belief in evolution requires the belief that the universe is infinite, and it has no beginning or end.

So we see at this point that an evolved thinker is one that follows the faith of secular humanism, which tries to eliminate God out of the picture altogether. We also see where the morphing of ideas comes from - it follows the same thought process that all life has morphed over time, and will continue to morph forever, because there is no end to time or space (if you believe in evolution).

What is an 'Intellectual' Thinker?

An intellectual thinker is one who encapsulates all of the knowledge one has into the bigger picture, by seeking to understand why one exists with in-depth research into the meaning of life.

An intellectual thinker does not simply believe anything, without first doing research on the subject, and then makes an informed decision.

A good example of an intellectual thinker, was Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States).

Abraham Lincoln was mostly self-taught, which means that he gained his knowledge from research and reading, yet still gained one of the highest positions in society available to a civilian.

Abraham Lincoln, also, had views on the chain of events in the universe. In April 1864, Lincoln said: "I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me. Now, at the end of three years struggle the nation's condition is not what either party, or any man devised, or expected. God alone can claim it."

Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest intellectual thinkers in history, believed without a doubt, that the things taking place in the universe were not, in fact, due to a random sequence of events.

Books and People Influence Your Thinking

Charles "Tremendous" Jones was known as one of the most successful insurance salesman ever. He went on to teach leadership seminars to millions around the country as a public speaker. One of his most famous quotes was: “You are the same today that you are going to be five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.”

Now, let's say you had your own personal library. Now I'm not talking about one bookshelf in your house. I'm talking about your very own building, completely filled with books. Now, let's say your own personal library had only fiction books within the bookshelves. That is a lot of authors, with a lot of ideas and stories. Now do you think that if you read every single fiction book within your own personal library, that you would get an accurate representation of the universe? The answer is: No. You would actually get a jumbled and bogus view of the world, as portrayed in these books.

So let's take this example one step further. Let's imagine that for every book that exists in this library, it represents one person that you have met in your life. And for every life story you have heard, you begin to apply what they tell you into your own worldview. You would get one really confused person, with an ever-changing, and very morphed worldview. This is how an evolved thinker ends up with his ideology.

An intellectual thinker, on the other hand, will take the life stories of these people he meets, and compare the truths in these stories, to what he can count and trust on to be true. Then to become a intellectual thinker, one must then have a tool in which to examine the universe by.

The Bible: An Intellectual Thinker's Greatest Tool

When examining the universe, and seeking the meaning to life, one must first have an understanding of how it came to be.

If you simply believe any man's word on how it came to be, then you have done yourself a disservice if you do not have some way of verifying if his testimony is true and accurate.

There is one book in existence that is referred to as the most historical textbook known to man. That is because is has not been disproven as inaccurate, nor has it changed over the years, and this has been verified by the findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

On top of that, the Bible is also passed other tests that add to its credibility as an authority on the world. All archaeological finds have confirmed dates and claims in the Bible, as well as it is the best-selling non-fiction book of all time.

An intellectual thinker, knowing these things, would then want to examine such a book, to see for himself how the world came into being. Keep in mind that when taking the Bible as an authority, one must believe that it is completely true and accurate, or that it is completely false an inaccurate. Many Christians today are very good examples of evolved thinkers, picking and choosing parts of the Bible that they wish to believe, throwing out parts that they do not like. The results of such a believer is one who is not solid in his faith, being tossed about by every fleeting doctrine. (Ephesians 4:14)

Self-Evaluation: Evolved or Intellectual Thinker?

Now it is time for a self-evaluation. Do you consider yourself an evolved thinker, or an intellectual thinker?

Answer the following questions to find out:

First, do you find yourself believing the philosophical ideas of other people easily, without verifying the facts to be true?

Second, do you believe the events in the universe to be random, including the ideas that orginate from your own brain? (If yes, then how do you know that you evolved with the knowledge of the truth?)

Third, do you, yourself, have a definitive answer on your purpose in life, based upon the intellectual thinker's perfect tool (the Bible)?

Fourth, if you were to die today, do you know without the shadow of a doubt where you would spend eternity?

Results: If you answered Yes to the first and second questions, and No to the third and fourth, then you fall into the category of an evolved thinker. If you answered No to the first and second questions, yet Yes to the third and fourth, then you would be leaning toward the intellectual thinker.

Note: Any other variation in answers would require further scrutinity unto which type of thinker do you wish to be, because you do not "cleanly" fit into one category or the other.


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author avatar P.D. Padmasiri
9th Sep 2011 (#)

Very informative and inspiring. Great share. Good luck

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author avatar Amruta Jadhav
10th Sep 2011 (#)

Very good perspective..

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author avatar Jack Vorster
14th Sep 2011 (#)

Well done, and very clever about the four questions and answers. We certainly are hugely influenced by the penned thoughts of others and the words of their mouths.

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author avatar God
9th Dec 2011 (#)

What a load of bull!

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author avatar Santa
13th Nov 2016 (#)

I answered them all "No," but in reading the general descriptions, I strongly identify with the intellectual thinker. I just disagree with the treatment of the Bible as a "reference book;" I don't believe that evolution and divine creation are at all mutually exclusive - in fact they support each other more than they conflict. Just because I don't know what,or where, the reference body is which could be used to build answers to questions #3 and #4 doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. It's probably not even hard to find and is around us all the time. Human's simply don't have the ability to conceptualize what "it" is, any more than my beagle can conceive of an airplane.

I bet its beautiful.

Merry Christmas

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author avatar Santa
13th Nov 2016 (#)

P.S. - I am a Christian (Catholic-flavored) - even got confirmed by a Cardinal. I don't know a single priest who believes that the Bible is a reference manual. I think it's Baptists that literally use it as a reference - I may be wrong. I'm curious - let me know.

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