Are you annoying people on facebook?

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Does your activity tend to annoy people? And how do you do it?

How to know.

Without you even knowing it, you might be annoying a lot of your friends just by what you post online. Here are a few things that those annoying facebook friends do!

* Comment on everything. Even if it’s nothing to do with you, do you comment on photos and statuses that have been posted by your friends? This can become very annoying, and can result in you losing a lot of friends.
* Status update about everything in your life. People really don’t need to know what you’re doing all of the time. If this is what you want to do, join Twitter.
* Play games, and post updates. Whilst you might enjoy milking your imaginary cows in Farmville, I’m perfectly sure that your friends don’t appreciate the posts updating everyone on exactly what you’re doing on the games at any one time.
* Add random people. Facebook is for friends, not for adding random people who you don’t know, just purely for the reasons of having more friends than anyone else.
* Attention seeking statuses. Some people THRIVE on attention, and what better way than writing about every little thing that goes wrong in your life? Well, it can actually be annoying, and might bring everyone else down as well, so think twice!
* Joining groups that obviously apply to a certain person. An example of this is when you join a group saying ”I hate my ex” when it’s perfectly obvious who that is, and you have him added as a friend. This will just make you look like a pathetic person who can’t move on from the past.
* You invite people to everything. Every time you join a group that you think is pretty cool, you invite your whole friends list to that group. Although a lot of your friends might appreciate it, many of them might just find it a little annoying!


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