Are you eating the right foods for healthy hair?

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Here are some suggestions for healthy hair. If you follow them you can have healthy, gorgeous hair.

The why and how of healthy hair

Not too many people want to be bald. Sometimes there are things that the person can't help if you have the genetics for baldness; they can't change that. Sometimes a doctor can fix a hormonal problem in a person with those types of problem.

Most persons, especially women, want beautiful hair. To get beautiful hair, it has to be healthy. If the person is losing hair and they are stressed they might want to take a yoga class, learn to meditate, or if it is really bad get a professional counselor. When under stress emotionally a person can lose some hair but that is one thing that they can change. There is also medicine a person takes. If a person has a medical or psychiatric problem and takes medications, they might cause hair loss. If the doctor thinks the medication is causing hair loss, then chances are there is another medication the person can take that will make them stop losing their hair.
Usually, every nutritional deficiency can affect the manner of our hair, skin, nails, and some manner." wrote The George Washington University School of Medicine.

Here will be the foods to eat to have healthy hair
One food you eat to have a healthy head of hair is shellfish and oysters. These foods contain things that are required for healthy hair.

Turmeric and oily cold water fish for healthy hair

An East Asian plant gives us the spice Turmeric that ayurvedic medicine, an ancient system of medicine from India has been used for several hundred years. Turmeric stops inflammation and swelling by the corticosteroids that are the body's steroids that are natural to it not given by pill form. Sometimes we can lose hair from inflammation said acupuncturist Jason Moscovitz. And a lab in Korea MPB Research did research. MPB Research found out that an ingredient in turmeric called curcumin helps hair to grow by stopping a hormone that makes the hair follicle die and then the person loses the strand of hair.
If a person wants the essential fatty acids (EFA'S) omega, 6 and omega 3 and protein are all great for the hair. The person can eat these oily cold water fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon, trout, herring. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that essential fatty acids help stimulate skin "help stimulate, skin and hair growth, maintain bone health, regulate metabolism."

Seaweed for healthy hair

Asian countries think nothing of eating the seaweed it is a normal part of their diet. Americans have to start using it as a normal part of their diet by putting it in stews and soups. The reasons Americans should always have some on hand is that there are essential fatty acids are also in seaweed that is essential to hair health.
The most important thing a person can eat for their hair are plant based proteins and essential fatty both of which can be found in seeds like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.


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