Aromatic herbs, spices and their correct use

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If one likes cooking, one should have a variety of herbs and spices that should be renewed each season.

Aromatic herbs, spices and their correct use

What would cooking be without aromatic herbs and spices? It's easy to answer this question if one loves cooking, and having savoury dishes. It'd be tasteless and insipid.
A person who likes cooking and still more having good meals shouldn't go without a good shelf of varied aromatic herbs and spices and, of course, he or she will renew them each season.
Basil is this fresh and refreshing herb on dishes of cooked eggs such as omelets or stir fries, pesto or pasta salads. Its dry leaves are often used for meat stews especially with lamb and in soups. It's also used to make a refreshing Moroccan tea, but basil can't be frozen.
Clove that can be in whole or ground comes from the flower of a tropical tree. It's used in stews or marinating, stocks and in a variety of soups, but if ground, it's used in sweet bakery.
Cinnamon: This is a must have if one's fond of baking sweet pastries and two sticks are necessary to make a traditional sangria. It's also very uplifting and the powdered one can be used in showers, giving our skin a light tan.
Bay leaves: another herb that no one should be short of it. It goes with legume and meat stews and as medicinal one we can use it when we have colds or a dry nose, making a boil of bay and eucalyptus leaves and placing our face over the pot covered with a blanket.
Cumin: These are small seeds that will come in whole or ground. It's got a strong aroma and it's bit sweet, therefore, we shouldn't add way too much on our stews, but it's very resident to high temperatures when cooking.
Saffron: This is the most expensive spice and actually it's known as the red gold, because the best one is harvested manually and they have to take the threads of its flowers by hand and then to toast it. There was a time when one went to the shops or supermarkets, it wasn't on shelves, but one had to ask for it to the cashier that had it with her.
It's a must add ingredient in almost all rice dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. One only needs few threads to be crushed and added into the dish. It's a beautiful purple flower.
However, and no matter how bountiful they are, one shouldn't abuse them, because to much of them will add too strong a flavour. It's only to add up a light one to our meals, because no one wants one that is way too hot or flavoured, but one also wants to taste the meat, fish, legumes or vegetables that one has cooked.

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