Art History Lesson for Kids and Home School: Fauvism

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Art History lesson on Fauvism with an activity. This lesson can be integrated into a comprehensive curriculum of history, geography and culture.

The Wild Beasts

Fauvism is a movement in art that spanned the period from about 1900 to 1910. Fauves is a French word that means Wild Beasts. The artists who worked in this style used bright clear colors and wild brush strokes. They did not concern themselves with using colors that were true but rather used exaggerated colors.

What Came Before Fauvism

Henri Matisse was one of the most well known Fauvist artists. He and other Fauvists took their inspiration from the bright colors and dynamic brushstroke of Gaugin and Vincent Van Gogh. Gaugin and Van Gogh were called Post-impressionist painters and you can see that Matisse and the other fauvist painters were heavily influenced by them.

In terms of art history we say that fauvism came out of post-impressionism. When we use the prefix “post” it means after. Post-impressionism is a transition between impressionism and fauvism.

Lesson and Activity

How long ago was the fauvism movement? Where is France? Find it on a map. What else was going on in the world during that time?

Create your own painting or picture in the style of the Fauves. Use crayons or paint or oil sticks. Don’t use the actual color of what you see but be sure to exaggerate the color. If the sky is light blue you might want to use bright purple or green. Keep choosing bright colors and use strong thick brush strokes or movements with your crayon. Go Wild like the Fauves.

Round out your child's education with art history lessons. Integrate them into your curriculum for history, geography and culture.

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