As you sow, so shall you reap & "The unwritten 11th Commandment of Moses": An article on the law of attraction

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We all are under the one law, and that is the law of attraction. We may like it when we get "fortunate", and we may hate it when bad things "just happen", but we are all under that one law of reality as I shall succinctly show in this article.

You shall not get away with it, or an eye for an eye, a reality for a reality

I bet in one of those original commandments of Moses somewhere lost, was an ultimate law that said: Thou shalt not get away with it. In my life, that is a reality I live by anyhow. Because, as my Dad used to say, "There is nothing really free and not paid for, everything has a price." I totally agree with that, because reality comes down to effort. Without the effort to get the free thing also, someone else gets it, so even that comes into realistic play at every level. Without mincing words, I can honestly say that I understand the law of attraction comes down to this reality. Everybody has to put out the effort to get something, to genuinely get it whatever level that effort is at, small or large.

Think about it, then, it all comes down to reality, not fantasy, unless of course, you actually are going for that free lunch without any effort. The fact is, to really live a life of meaning, you must be willing to put out the effort to live it. Pay the cost, and take your benefit, it is never free.

The major reason I am coming up with and typing this article:

I genuinely do want to help others realize what I realize, the only way to live is to put out an effort to genuinely live, and sometimes, that seems like the hardest thing in existence. As a philosopher named Matt Furey once said in one of his programs: "God will not get you out of bed in the morning, you have to get yourself up. God will just wake you up, what you do after that is your choice." We all have a choice to quit or stay the course. That, right there is the logic and meaning of life.

This morning, I had a hard time getting up and realized that all that I am typing was a true and honest fact about life. God will wake me up, but he will definitely not get me out of bed in the morning, just like power never uses itself, we have to use the power. We must turn on the light switch or walk into the room if the sensor turns the lights on. I get it, and I hope you do too.

Under the law

Sometimes I read an article by Elbert Hubbard called "A Message To Garcia". Some of you have probably heard of this article, some of you probably have not. But in any case, when I think of this article and the fact that we must put out effort or get nothing genuinely. I know that we are all under the law of reality, and it works as long as we work it. Like Rowan, the lead character in the article about General Garcia actively takes the action without question, and takes the message to Garcia and comes back intact three weeks later. So must we be about life and existence. We must do what we need to do under the law genuinely to get the genuine results. I am not going to use excuses or play games here, but I will say and end with: We all have a choice, we do it or we do not do it. I add a saying of Yoda of "Star Wars" in the movie "The Empire Strikes Back": There is no try.


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