Assembling Computers: Guide in Purchasing Computer Parts

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This article is about assembling computers and the guide in purchasing computer parts. It explains the advantages of assembling a computer system by assembling the purchased parts of the computer. It also presents the main components of the computer and what are the things to consider in purchasing those components for better computing performance of your computer.

Assembling Computers: Guide in Purchasing Computer Parts

Nowadays, computers are becoming more and more complex as new gadgets and technological features are released. Most of the time, people are purchasing an assembled personal computer for their personal and business computing needs. However, those assembled and ready to operate computers are more expensive compared on assembling computer parts by purchasing the main components separately.

Deciding what are those things to consider when assembling computers parts are the most critical part of being a computer parts buyer in the market. The speed, reliability, quality, and durability of the computer system depend on the computer parts of the system. This means that a good decision should be made before purchasing computer parts. Although the standardization among computer components made the world of building a computer much easier than ever, you still need to consider many things before assembling your computer parts.

Some of he most important factors to consider is how will you going to use the computer. Ordinary computer activities and computer gaming activities are very much different if you will build your own computer system. You need to purchase different computer parts for your activities. The following are the main computer parts that should be considered first before anything else in assembling your own computer system.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The first computer parts to pick in the computer hardware store is the central processing unit or the CPU. This is usually called the brain of the computer because it controls all the processing and computer parts of the computer system. It determines what other hardware should be purchased in the store. In the computer market, there are 2 main computer manufacturers of CPU and those are Intel and AMD. The are both have similarities, there are only little difference in terms of structure and design.


Motherboard is also an important main computer parts of the computer system. The motherboard follows the requirements of the computer system you want to build. There are instances that the Central Processing Unit or (CPU) is not compatible with the motherboard so be careful in choosing what motherboard to purchase for your computer system. You may ask the vendor or a computer expert to seek an advice for the computer parts you need to purchase. The first thing that you should do in purchasing a motherboard is the type of the socket for the Central Processing Unit to use. Always check the features and capabilities of the motherboard.

If you do not plan to purchase a separate graphics or sound card for your computer parts assembly, consider the on board video and sound driver of the motherboard. Other things to consider are the interface of the hard disk drive, graphics card, size and speed of the memory, and expansion slots.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The speed and performance of your computer system depend on the right amount of RAM that you will purchase. Always consider at least 256 MB of RAM or more because the more amount of RAM the more it will provide speed and performance to your computer. If you are a computer user that simply browse and uses some small applications at least 256MB of RAM is enough. If you are passionate into 3D games a bigger amount of RAM should be used to meet the requirements of the application. The RAM should also compatible with the DIMM requirements of the computer motherboard.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

In choosing a good hard disk drive there are only few things to consider. The most important factor to consider is the storage capacity of the hard drive. The larger the capacity the better but there is no need to purchase a large capacity hard drive if you just use it for browsing the Internet and Word Processing applications. A hard disk drive with a capacity of 120 GB is enough for those simple applications unless if you have a bulk video or audio collections. Also choose the hard drive with the proper interface so that it will be compatible t the motherboard.

Previous types of motherboards have IDE cable and today SATA (Serial ATA) are one of the most used cable type for modern computers. You should always consider the connection or cable type of the hard disk drive to the motherboard. SATA is faster than ATA because the cable of SATA is thinner and allows the airflow to circulate inside the system case. There is also SATAII (Serial ATA II) today and it is twice faster than the SATA. Also consider the revolution speed of the platters of the Hard Disk. This is usually measured as Revolution per Minute or RPM. You should purchase a hard drive with 7200 RPM to make sure that it has a good quality and performance in reading and writing your data.

Graphic Cards or Video Cards

Graphic Cards or Video Cards
If you plan to use the computer for gaming purpose, always make sure that you have a graphics card or video card to support the requirements of the game applications. Onboard Video is enough if you will be using the computer for simple operations. The video card should always be compatible to the interface of the motherboard. There are two interfaces of the motherboard the AGP or PCI-E.

Power Supply and System Casing

Of course make sure that your computer should have a sufficient power to run the system properly. Consider purchasing a 450W PSU if you are planning to assemble a high end computer system. However, 350W is enough for most of the computer system. Most system cases are ATX and always keep in mind that all of the above parts should fit into your System Casing to be assembled properly. Always make sure that all the computer parts should be compatible with each other.


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