At the very least, the more integrity you have, the better the destiny

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Drifting through life and looking for good times is not a way to live in my personal reality. But making good times through genuine honesty and long-term integrity is the way to live, love and everything. This morning, I was pondering the subject of this article,and I came to this conclusion: Existence and life are worth it. The rest of this article will be how I came to that conclusion.

The only impossible dream that does not come true or real

If you or anyone, including myself are looking for a "no effort fantasy life" that works without integrity, honesty and action on our parts, we are all mistaken. Indeed, "that perfect life" without effort, realistic work and honesty are impossible to achieve.

If you or anyone, including myself are looking for fulfillment through integrity, honesty, reality and what works, then this article will be for you. In a way, though, I am writing it for myself as well as you because like any genuinely conscious being, I want to be a real winner, not in denial or "faking it". I mean, what person, and I do mean every and any person, does not want to be real anyway. For example: If one of those types that does not want to put out any effort or take the time to genuinely do the efforts right sees a chance to genuinely do it "the easy way" and really make it, they would take it quickly if it were legitimate, and it would take incredible and freakish integrity not to take that way, would it not? The point to this section is: There is a rational price to be paid for everything, and the more willing to pay it you are, the more genuinely better and more legitimate the results you get in existence and life. The more you are willing to genuinely cheat, the more you genuinely cheat yourself.

Being genuine is never easy, I know, but the results are always one thing and cannot be any other, and that result is legitimate. That is the most earned word in any language when it is understood, internalized genuinely and achieved. Skipping the genuine and cheating is the ultimate "Don Quixote" limitation or impossible bind there is.

And the real devil is:

So, indeed, the real devil is "the easy way out". Taking the easy way through life is the ultimate weakness when it is really understood and thought about. From the Ayn Rand novel "The Fountainhead's" Peter Keating, to anyone who fits the description of the drifter framed in Napoleon Hill's second book edited by Sharon Lechter "Outwitting the Devil", the easy way looks great when you initially "get away with it all", and in the end when you catch yourself and get caught by all else, all ends up horrible. Ask yourself this question, though, how else can it end up when you have no integrity, honesty or reality about yourself?

So, indeed, the easy way that tempts you is the real devil, the hard way that looks bad and ends up wonderful and full of integrity is the real angel. But, as hard as life with honesty and integrity can seem, who does want to know? I quote Peter Keating's "friend" Ellsworth Monkton Toohey. Only a genuine freak with the real package of integrity, values and honesty would understand why. Only a weird person with that kind of honesty would "fail" that test and go the hard way and make real success anyhow. So, the real devil is to want it easy. The real angel is to be realistic without apology or elegy, and do it for real.

What about Howard Roark and Gail Wynand in "The Fountainhead"

Who wants to really triumph? Who wants to be "the saint in that number"? Anyone with enough integrity and "guts" or power would want that greatness. If you do, in that case welcome to the world of purpose, integrity and real power. Sure Gail Wynand commits suicide at the end of "The Fountainhead", but face it, that is the rational price to pay for taking the easy way, and knowing exactly what you are doing. This may be an ugly part of the article to write, but it is honest.

As for the hero, Howard Roark, in that very same novel, he survives and triumphs because of that honesty and integrity he had. In fact, I will say that the spirit the lock on the door of reality opens with is total honesty and integrity with reality. Without it, all you can do is cheat, break it down or worse. So here is my opinion of heaven, and what it is and I will end with that:

Heaven is living realistically, no matter what. Heaven is that peace of mind that is real always and never has to "fake it". Heaven is real and consistent winning. That is heaven. Heaven is a triumphant place that is hard to get in as the "eye of the needle"? Well, there you go.


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