Attitude Is Everything

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We all have problems; that's part of life. However, the attitude we have going through tough times really can determine in what condition we arrive on the other side.

Attitude Is Everything

I said to a bug in the sink,
"Are you taking a swim or a drink?"
"I," said the bug,
"Am a sea-going tug.
Am I headed for land, do you think?"

"Don't be silly," I said. "That's no sea.
It's a sink." "A sink it may be,
But I'd sooner, I think,
Be at sea in a sink,
Than sink in the sea, sir," said he.

--- John Ciardi

Consider the limerick above. It seems like nonsense, I know, but look again. Here we have a bug who has managed; it seems to me, to have inadvertently wound up in a sink full of water. He perhaps is trapped there, unable to get any traction on the sides of the sink in order to climb out once he got wet. Does he fret about his current situation? No, he makes the best of it and has a little fun besides. After all, it could be worse.

How many times have we found ourselves in difficult situations? What attitude do we have going through them? Do we make the best of it or do we complain constantly? Do we even take time to recognize that things could be much worse; that there are others going through trials far more difficult than our own? Troubles have to be taken all in stride. We don’t appreciate the sunshine until we’ve had a few storms. Even in our rainy season, we still have the choice to either mope about the house or to go out and jump in some puddles.

Trust me when I say none of us gets through this life unscathed. We will all face adversity, pain and loss. The question is whether you will decide to be at sea in the sink or to sink in the sea. Think about it….

©2012 – Andrea J. Shannon


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great piece Ashan and thank you very much for sharing. i'll be looking forward to your forthcoming posts.

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