Automotive Repairs that Cost a Lot of Money

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Car repairs can be expensive. In this article i have listed repair that cost you a lot of money. I have also shared how routine checkups can prevent such problems.

Check Regularly and Prevent Trouble

All of us who own cars know how expensive it is to keep cars. Maintenance and insurance costs can really add up and affect our pockets. Maintenance can’t be skipped, because if we do, more damage occurs and that can cost us a lot of money.

Regular Maintenance is Important

Some regular maintenance can include oil and filter changes, general tune-ups, diagnosing check-engine and various other dashboard lights, and tire changes can all add up. All of this, and more, cost a lot. In this article we are going to look at the some repairs that cost more, and how they can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Cylinder Replacement or Repair

First one that makes to my list is cylinder replacement, or repairing an old cylinder. They cost a lot; usually $5000 dollars or more. It has been said that small problems will usually lead to bigger ones in the future. And that is the case with cylinders. If you skip the regular maintenance, the cylinders start to overheat. Over time, with continued overheating, they fail. When this happens, you will also notice plenty of warning. For example, your engine will start to misfire and show other abnormal signs. This can all be prevented with normal checkups at appropriate times.

Auto Glass Repair Work

Next on the list all the auto glasses repair work. The glasses such as the windshield play an important role when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. When windshield and other glasses are cracked, they cost you hundreds of dollars to replace or repair. However, sometimes, cracks can be prevented. Usually, it’s the chip damage that leads to longer cracks and finally broken windshield. Chip damaged can be repaired easily with DIY windshield repair kits. It’s important to repair it when it’s small. If left unrepaired, it will continue to spread and cause safety issues.

Hybrid Inverter Replacement or Repair

Hybrid inverter assembly also costs a lot of money to replace. The reason why it’s so expensive is because the hybrid technology isn’t very popular yet. Popular or not, the fact is that the parts aren’t easily available all over the world. Over time, as the model of your vehicle gains popularity, the parts will hopefully get cheaper. Now let’s come to prevention. Inverter failures for cars are not very easy to detect. They won’t give you a specific warning except the red engine light.

Transmission of Your Car is Important

Last but not the least, the parts making up your vehicle’s transmission can also cost thousands of dollars. Transmission is an integral component of your vehicle. Most of the problems can be avoided by getting routine services are appropriate time. There are many more problems out there that can cost thousands of dollars. I hope this article gave you an idea of the common ones.


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author avatar Sherri Granato
7th Aug 2014 (#)

Good advice. I have only had to replace one transmission, and it wasn't cheap.

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