Awareness about Death, shapes your Spirituality, and who you are being right now

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Death can cause us many heartaches, but in our heart dwells only love.

If we think about this connection, we see that love must be connected somehow to death. Love requires death to fully love.

This is an article about death in life becoming life in death again, because of love.

Nobody usually ever wants to die. We are afraid of the grim-reaper

"Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die."

This is a quote from one of the greatest boxers of all time, Joe Louis, (1914 to 1981).

I guess that he is mostly right about people here, but it need not be so.

Awareness about death shapes your spirituality and who you are being right now.

Spirituality could be said to be about renewal and change. In a way, death is the same process. It allows renewal and change to continually take place for us and in us.

Death is a break in the walls of eternity. Death is a renewal of our being.

Every night, we practice for this death by sleeping, and we wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. Death is no different, we will awaken from our death renewed to continue our continuing growth through eternal change.

Change is the only constant. You don't remember your birth, but you don't deny that you were present there. In the same way you don't remember your death, but you are still present all through this process as well.

We must die to keep living. We must love to keep dying.

There are parts of love that can only be experienced from death.

Death has to enter love to reveal and to see the deepness that is buried there and which only exists for us from within death, either our own or someone else's. Death takes us away from life but for a only a brief fleeting moment of sadness while we are still enmeshed within love.

Love contains death, and death retains love.

Poetry: Death is the tool in the fuel, not the fuel in the tool!

Death breathed into me,
its haunting last breath.
Life is only death unmet,
as yet in its new ending.

Spending time all alone,
with myself within my life,
allowed me to not exhaust,
myself, contending death.

Defending, suspending,
my own reascending.
I fought with death until,
my very last, last breath.

I came out of it not alive,
within my own old life.
The truth of life flaunted,
itself towards me again.

Death haunted me from,
its constant recircling.
Death had to enter me,
for me to see to be free.

Why do I fear my death?
Why does it so haunt me?
Fear of death appears,
in knowledge of its coming.

The only clue that allows,
death its wish is to dish,
out more love in a hauntingly,
beautiful dish of cold fish.

Death is the tool in the fuel,
of love's well equipped ship.
After our death, we owe,
God a new life of dreams.

In other words, let love warm up your dish of cold fish, and it will never again cause you pain, more again.

"Death does not wait to see if things are done or not done."

This quote is from the Kularnava Tantra.

The Kularnava Tantra is an important and authoritative text of the Shakta Agamic Tantra tradition. It a significant document which outlines much of Hindu spiritual thought.

Everything is beloved, in other words. Death does its work for love, and then moves on.

Nothing is ever lost from death

Everything lost is regained from death.

It has been well said that death is the gateway to life. Life begins from death as much as death lives within life. Death began when life was created, but life never ends from death. Death is a portal of life moving us to differing forms of life within life within love.

"God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled."

The author of this most meaningful quote is an author who is unknown.

Love never dies, it just changes its form.

Death is just another form of love loving. Death resurrects itself from life living across its borders of love to meet the next phase of itself in death. Death is but a door into new growth and new awareness.

On the spiritual path, new paths are created by death, because a path becomes bogged down from our inertial shifting of feelings of despair about our current life lengthened in association and attachment to the status quo. The whole problem is that we just don't want to ever change from who we are right now.

Death disturbs these internal and external attachments by breaking them all down, and so re-establishing newness into all things from the old ways, by now reinventing itself as life. New life comes then forth from death, even as sleeping brings us to awakening.

When we do not fear death, it shapes us spiritually, because a lessening of fear will always do this.

The smaller form of death is doubt. When you doubt yourself, you will doubt everything else that comes into your life. Rising above doubt, is embracing the truth of love, and that love contains death, but that death is never the end of love.

How are we shaped from a lessening of our fears about death?

Knowing that death is but an image of life creates a new perspective for you about your current way of living. When you live knowing that death cannot touch the real you, you then live as if you will live forever. Fear has disappeared with the emptying out of this notion of death.

Holding onto the idea of death creates inertial stuffiness and stiffness of your being, because it seems to be inevitable, and you think that death will always come to you to get you in the end.

Death is foreboding in its certainty, but love allows for death even as love allows for life.

Life and death are merely aspects of love moving itself around within God. We never die, we just change our position within God's body of love to grow in further understanding of yet another aspect of love's infinite wisdom.

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author avatar Retired
7th May 2015 (#)

I'm touched by this exceptional post. Well done!!!

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author avatar spirited
7th May 2015 (#)

thanks Joyesh

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author avatar brendamarie
7th May 2015 (#)

Great as always. I did my thesis on fears about death and how people overcome them.

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author avatar spirited
7th May 2015 (#)

thanks brendamarie.

I hope my layman's views sat well with some of what you learnt about there.

I speak mainly from the spiritual view though.

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author avatar Kingwell
9th May 2015 (#)

I've read that all fear is related to the fear of death. Good post. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
9th May 2015 (#)

yes, you are probably right here in one way about fear of death(or what you read about it, to be more accurate), Kingwell, but then again, it could be because of the fear of love, or the fear of life too.

In my case, I have never feared death, but I do fear fully loving. I worry about the reactions of others thinking that I am way over the top, a fruitcake, in other words, living on flower-power, or the like.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th May 2015 (#)

Interesting take Spirited. When I think of death, I recall the Bard "Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once."

Upon death I can meet many who I would like to meet again and those who I did not have the good fortune to meet in this life. Death will be a miracle just like life is and that renews our lease based on how we have "performed" here.

I feel we fight and fear death and then when the time comes we embrace it - siva

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author avatar spirited
10th May 2015 (#)

"Death will be a miracle just like life is."

I like your positive approach to all of these things siva,

Everything that comes into our life is such a miracle, isn't it?

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author avatar Carol Roach
11th May 2015 (#)

I still get nervous about death

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author avatar spirited
11th May 2015 (#)

I liked what siva said, Death will be a miracle for each of us too. Thanks Carol.

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