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Life can be so depressing when living conditions are such that you cannot live in comfort, you do not have to honor your lease but you have to be able to prove it.

Noisy Living Space

Those of you living in the lower level of someone's house (basically their basement) and have had immense trouble dealing with the amount of noise they produce, not just normal foot traffic, but a dog barking, objects falling on the floor, yelling, screaming, loud music And the list goes on. Sometimes it all day, all night or both. You decide to tell the people living upstairs about this problem and they still do not care, you call the police and they simply cannot do much for you.

It's pretty sad how some families who rent out their basement are so dysfunctional, and inconsiderate of others, all they care about is the money that goes into their pockets and then you have some families who are considerate, and have common courtesy for the feelings of others!

By having a lease you have certain rights: Your landlord does not have any right to enter your apartment or touch your things. Second, in most cities there is a noise ordinance which takes affect at 11pm and after that time call the police if they are still making a lot of noise. This can make your life so depressing and if living conditions are such that you cannot live in comfort, you do not have to honor your lease but you have to be able to prove it.

Breaking the lease

Check the original lease you signed and look for the date your lease expires; it's usually for one year. Talk to your landlord and see if they agree to an early termination of your lease. Get it in writing with the date you plan to leave and make sure you both sign the document. If your landlord does not agree to an early termination of your lease, call your lawyer or your Community Legal Clinic. You, the tenants are required to give your landlord a 60 days minimum written notice of your intentions to leave.
Other ways of breaking a lease is to find a tenant who is willing to take over your lease and you can do this by advertising it yourself. A great way to advertise for free is on You can also break a lease if you are accepted into government issued Low Cost Housing and finally if you cannot occupy your apartment due to physical handicap and you are permanently admitted into an Elderly Care Centre.


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author avatar Merlyn
22nd Jan 2011 (#)

Cute smile...can find me on Facebook if you like :)...interesting article...been in a similar position myself. Rented the front half of a house that he had turned into a town house type dealie...was annoying.

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author avatar prune
25th Feb 2011 (#)

Liked your article. I also lived in a basement for a time during my life and now I am a landlady myself and I try to treat my tenants with more courtesy than I ever got.

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