Basic Concepts behind Websites and the World Wide Web

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Websites are what the WWW is all about. Likewise, they are the backbone of the Net. They all have basic structures, provided by certain features, while the design may differ somewhat.

Basic Concepts behind Websites and the World Wide Web

Firstly, it should be noted that websites and pages are not entirely the same. The web page is one single page while a website will be a collection of web pages, many or few.

Likewise, all websites will have what is called hyper links. Hyper links are what link pages together on the Web, and by clicking on a hyper link you can go to another web page or site.

Websites are accessed by using a browser. The browser has an address bar, where the user has to type the address of the site in. The website addresses begin with a WWW, and then are followed by what is called a domain name, and a .com suffix. The com suffix can sometimes be and actually refers to commerce. A typical example:

Of course, a net connection is also required to access the web. These are provided by appropriate hardware like modems and such like, along with providers.

Website navigation is actually fairly straightforward. Using a browser, you can flick backward and forward those previously visited websites, and likewise use the favourite options. This will save the address of websites for you.

There are a few types of websites. You can go to a search engine, which is used to search for sites, forums, and even game sites. Game sites, will have small web games for fun.

All websites can be made your home page. The homepage is th
e default website the browser first displays. You can change the homepage, via browser options.

Websites are based on HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). This is used to script the pages, along with others like Java. You can make your own web sites and pages using HTML or Java-script, which is progression on from HTML.

Alternatively, you can use web publishing software like Front Page. This will save you using HTML, and gives a number of options for web site development.

When a website is finished, then it has to be uploaded with web-space needed. ISPs provide for this, and you can upload and update the site after it has been hosted.

You will also likely find that most websites have adverts on them. These generate revenue for the websites. The adverts, tend to link to more specific pages when you click on them.

Overall, websites are becoming increasingly exciting and dynamic. No longer rather dull pages of text they have multimedia, with graphics and other innovations, which should continue to enhance them.


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