Basic Preparations for a New Puppy

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Basic things you need to know before bringing a puppy to your house

Getting a new puppy

You are probably reading these lines because this is the first time you are about to bring a new puppy to your house. Before that, it is important to take a moment and learn the basic preparations you need to make.

Although, there are thousands of articles, books and magazines that you can consult, purpose of this article is to highlight just the main steps and tips everyone should remember.

Not paying enough attention

From the moment you get the puppy home you should "bathe" it with your love, giving it adequate attention. Many new puppy owners pay little attention to the dog, and when they do it’s only because the puppy made something wrong! This will make your puppy confused and miserable. Remember, this attention is for life! If you think you will get bored of your puppy once it’s older and less cute than it’s time to reconsider.


Give your puppy plenty of toys for it to chew. It is possible that you have at home something that might do, but puppies are puppies and they quickly get bored. Take a walk to the nearest pet shop and get 5-6 different toys so that the puppy will never get bored.

Tip: Your puppy doesn’t know the difference between toys and your shoes! Hide them from plain sight!


Prepare a comfortable bed for your puppy, with a warm and soft blanket. If you plan for it to sleep outside of the house then make sure to provide a spacious and warm doghouse that is suitable for any weather conditions.


Supervise your puppy every time it is with children at home. Sometimes children overeact and unintentionally might injure or scare the new puppy. Remember, small children don’t have the sense of how sensitive and vulnerable a puppy can be. Talk with your child and never leave it alone with the puppy before you are 100 % sure it will be able to handle it properly.


Put your puppy on a proper diet from day one. In general, puppies younger than 6 months should eat 3-4 solid and balanced meals. The amount of food varies from age to age and breed to breed, so better consult your vet about it.

Potty training

Generally, it is advised to start potty training as soon as possible. However, it is better to wait a few days. Chances are that your puppy will be stressed and scared when you bring it to your house. Remember, a few hours ago it was playing with mom and siblings and now it is in a new unknown environment with new people! Give it some time first and don’t get mad if an “accident” happens

Wait a few days, let it to know and trust you better and then proceed with toilet training. A piece of advice. Potty training often presents with numerous challenges, and you will be required to show patience and diligence. If you think that you don’t have what it takes than maybe it’s time to reconsider your decision to get a puppy.


Finally, it’s important that you do some shopping before bringing the puppy to your household. Some basic things to get include:
Leash and collar: You are going to need a collar and a leash the day you bring it home. A collar holds the dog license and identification tag and of course attaches to the leash, which you will need to walk your pup.
Crate: A crate will keep your new pal in a confined area where you can monitor and housetrain him
Identification tags: Your puppy will require some identification. Other than the microchip, you should get a custom dog tag, with the name of the dog, your address and a phone number. You can get something plain or go for something fancier.
Toys: Toys can be categorized into chew toys that satisfy the need to gnaw and toys that provide comfort to the dogs. Make sure to get some from both categories.
Grooming Supplies: You will need to regularly wash, clean and brush your new friend. Some items you are going to need include blow dryer, brush, comb, shampoo, toothbrush and dog toothpaste.
Food & Treats: For the first 12 months, your puppy needs a special diet to cover all its demanding energy and nutritional needs. It’s a good idea to ask your breeder or a vet for good diet plan!

This pretty much sums up all the basic things you need to know before bring a pup to your house! You'll soon find out that you've made a companion for life!


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