Basic advice when handling fireworks

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There shouldn't be a problem when having an exciting fireworks display during a celebration, provided we follow on these safety measures.

Basic advice when handling fireworks

Fireworks are this coloured display that many people love to watch against a dark sky. They're particularly beautiful in a warm summery night, especially in the Summer Solstice.
They're very traditional in many Mediterranean countries and there is no festivity without a good display of them nor without the noise of bangers, blowing everywhere.
Yet, fireworks and bangers are as beautiful and exciting as they are dangerous to handle them This is, perhaps, the reason why they are forbidden in many other countries, but it doesn't mean we aren't going to show a good display safely if we do take some safety measures.
1. We should never put them in pockets as one may have an accident that will provoke serious burns. Keep them in its own package and if one's to transport somewhere, they should be in a hard carton box.
2. We are not to keep them at home under no circumstances.
3. Fireworks are made with gunpowder. Thus, we should never handle them , trying to light them or do never put them in tin recipients.
4. It is very dangerous to throw them, holding them in our hands. The ones that are to be exploded on the ground, are to be acted out by placing them on the ground to light them at distance and those that elevate should be placed on a high surface and always be apart when lighting them.
5. If for any reason one of them puts off, we should never try to light it again, but we should put it in cold water before we are to discard it.
6. Do not disturb people with your bangers or fireworks, because there are people that are very much frightened with their noise. Fireworks and bangers should always be used in open air spaces and far from crowds.
And last, but no least, in the event of an accident, one should always call on to an emergency centre whether the burn is small or big, because the main danger with burns is infections even if there is no blood.
If we take these basic safety measures when using fireworks or bangers, there should be no problem in having a good display of them in a given festivity, because they are an exciting brooch to any celebration.
One wants to exclaim cries with pleasure, but not with pain.

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