Basics of Photography

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Photography is a type of art that has been expanded with digital photography. Today, digital photography no longer relies on film, but digital cards which can allow for photos to be transferred. As such, the basics of photography today relies on more sophisticated digital cameras which allow for photographers to take a variety of photographs.

Basics of Photography

To begin with the cameras, digital cameras can come in variable shapes and sizes. There are various types of digital cameras such as compact cameras, DSLR, SLR, and more advanced digital cameras. Overall, the compact digital cameras are smaller and are more geared towards amateur photographers, while advanced DSLR and advanced cameras are better for more advanced photographers.

These digital cameras have a variety of specifications. Such specifications include things such as mega-pixels, optical zoom, and focal lens. Such specification give details as to the overall quality of the camera features such as image quality and the optical zoom. Overall, the more advanced cameras will have generally superior specifications to cheaper digital cameras.

With such digital cameras a variety of photos can be taken. Even the most basic digital cameras can provide photographers with some good options for photographs. For example, some may provide best shot options which automatically set-up the camera for specific photographs such as portraits, landscapes, night-photos, sport photos, pet photography etc. With such options, the photographer can then select a best shot without the need to configure the camera.

All digital cameras will also allow a degree of optical zoom. With the optical zoom feature, photographers can zoom in closer to potential subjects. This allows for photographers to take photos more close up than they actually are. With this, there is some flexibility for photographs.

Overall, before taking any photograph photographers need to be careful how the camera is held. Keeping the camera steady is most important to taking blur-free photographs. As such, a good grip of the camera will allow for this. Alternatively, the camera can be supported in a few ways which may also assist the photographer.

In photography, two of the main types of photographs are landscape and portrait photographs. Landscape photographs include subject and surrounding landscape. Portrait photography is usually of a very specific subject, and ignores surrounding landscape. This type of photo can sometimes be taken with the camera rotated 90 degrees.

Regardless of the photo that is taken, any photograph can be further edited. Digital cameras may include some photo editing options, but photo editing software can include many good options that allow for either minor or more extensive editing of the photo. Such editing can adjust the sharpness, contrast, cropping, and saturation as well as apply a variety of effects to the photo.

Digital photography can have many possibilities. The basics of photography, as covered here, provide a mere starting point. For further details, digital photography tutorials can provide more detailed guidelines


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