Basics of productivity and entertainment applications of Mobile phones

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In this digital age of Iphones, Ipads and other techies, the improvement in technology has developed man’s access to information to make human lifestyle much more innovative and practical. The owners of these smart phones relish through fast internet connection. This installed or pre-installed software is called applications which are collectively defined as computer software that assists smart phone or computer users to carry out simple and complex tasks.

Basics of productivity and entertainment applications of Mobile phones

Touching the screen of Ipads and navigating through application folder will show various applications available. Get to know the latest buzz on weather by visiting CNN mobile news and weather toolbar which shows that Los Angeles is under torrential rain or New York City experiencing snowstorms. Read throughout RSS news feeds to know what is happening in the uprising in Syria or the rise and fall of Wall Street stock exchange. Fight boredom, just by playing resident evil game series or NBA live on an Ipad screen. Navigate the streets of Mississauga city, without getting lost, thanks to the (GPS) Global Positioning System activated phone. Hone vocabulary skills by using Merriam Webster dictionary software. These are just the few examples of what applications can do.

Productivity applications vary with software ranging from business tools, career, spreadsheet and word processing programs. For instance, Jobs online apps can narrow down the best employment opportunities available and monitor jobs applied history. Mini spreadsheets and mini word allow users to write their thoughts, memos or reminders.

For Math, there is a scientific and a basic calculator for use in advance and basic math. And numerous others are for improving mathematical skills. Online popular math tools are math bingo, Ti tac math universe, sky numbers, and wolfram alpha and math ref. News and weather applications icons are often displayed through desktop screen, and goggle news toolbar is among them. It features a drop down menu in black and blue theme. The news is updated minutely and clickable to reveal the full news article. Similarly, weather news is displayed by a small icon displaying city name, weather symbol, temperature, time and date.

There are also hyperlinks that go towards full page sites to reveal complete weather news article. Notable, applications for iphone are world weather, iWeather, Thunder and Lightning. News applications, namely are feedly, NYtimes and News360. Applications dedicated to fun and games include software, games which are paid or free trials. Game apps may include strategy, shooter, racing adventure and sports. Some of these games bear resemblance on miniaturized versions of personal computer games. Popular games for iphone on 2012 are dark meadow, asphalt 6 and asteroids. Pre-installed to some smart phones such as Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Nokia smart phones, comes Facebook, twitter and flicker. These social networking sites as mobile applications allow browsing just by using a smart phone or internet capable phone. A web surfer can post photos, comment, send messages and update status of their profile.

Application builders may make customized programs for various smart phone needs and demands. When planning to visit the state of Florida, there are app builders that are dedicated to apps development and building, particularly iphone app builder, Miami, FL, iPad app design Tampa, FL and are also known as mobile app design miami fl, mobile app developer tampa fl and iphone app cost design miami fl. mobile apps are developed and created by computer programmers with competences in such disciplines like java, visual , basic graphic design, animation, and computer language. Applications give users the ability to use the full extent of their phone, allowing them to use just like an all-can-do Swiss army knife. Indeed, applications do have many purposes or functions with emphasis on productivity, math or calculations, news and weather, games, fun and education.


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