Basil-Tulsi- seed collection and benefits

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Collection of basil seeds....... how to apply a insect bitten area and how to get cured from cold and cough......

Basil- tulsi used as a medicine....

In Hindu culture basil or tulsi is an auspicious plant to be planted at home. Almost all the houses it is a must. It has many medicinal values. First thing to get rid of cold and cough, pluck some basil leaves put it in boiled water, close it with a lid for 2 minutes, mint leaves can also be added, remove the lid and start inhaling by closing it with a thick cloth around your neck till the water become cold. Continue this as many times...finally you will be relieved. Then can eat a few leaves after cleaning them in water and have a glass of warm water. For throat pain, boil water and put some crystal salt and some basil leaves close it for five minutes take out the leaves and gargle four times a day you can find the difference.

Concentrated medicine....

Take a handful of basil leaves, 100 grams of sugar candy or palm sugar candy and two dried ginger pieces, keep these aside. There are another set of things:- one teaspoon pepper, one tablespoon cumin seeds, half a teaspoon coriander seeds. Take an iron pan heat the second set of things for two minutes and add two glasses of water to that. Put a lid to that, once it starts boiling put the sugar candy and dried ginger pieces and after a minute or two the basil leaves too. Stir in between and when the mixture becomes less than half the quantity, put off the fire. Sieve it in a steel mesh and have it four times a day for cold, body pain and fever. If the fever persists don't hesitate to consult a physician.

Insect bite:-

When bitten by insects five or six big leaves of basil leaves should taken along with crystal salt. Keep on the centre of your left palm with your right hand crush them both and squeeze out the juice directly to the affected area. If that part is itching scrub it with the crushed leaves and salt which will give you a great relief. You can preserve the extracted juice in refrigerator and apply it whenever required.


The benefits cannot be written here fully. They are plenty. It gives relief from chest congestion. I am not sure but have heard that it acts as a natural contraceptive too. Hindus have a habit of waking up early, having bath in village ponds and will go straight to the temple. At the temple, they will be offered holy water and basil leaves which they will drink and eat the leaves, which has an effect for 24 hours. I have heard it from my grand mother. True or not those days they believed it.

Collecting seeds:-

Mostly after the flowers bloom, it will remain in the plant and gradually will get dried. You get it in bunches, pluck them place it on a paper or flat plate crackle nicely....the seeds will settle at the bottom and when slowly blown the husk from above will be flown. You can store the seeds in a box and sow them accordingly. It's very nice to have basil as they are auspicious and at the same time can be used as a medicine.


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5th Oct 2014 (#)

Informative. Tulasi is sacred and healing. Namaste ;)

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5th Oct 2014 (#)

very informative article madam, keep writing. madathil mhanian

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6th Oct 2014 (#)

thank you rama maam and madathil...

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