Be A Better Car Owner With These Tips

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Owning a car is a huge responsibility – in every way. Cars are large, heavy, hulking, complex, dangerous, and wondrous – and they can last you anything from a year to twenty years, depending on what kind of an owner you are.


More significantly, we’re going through cars like never before. According to World-o-Meters, a whopping 60 million were produced that year, and the rate has been consistently rising.

The key to a large machine like an automobile is simple – consistent care. If you’re a proud car owner, then the best way to show that is with a beautiful vehicle. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll ensure that you will get the most mileage out of your vehicle.

Get a Regular Check-up

Cars don’t have to be expensive to keep – but they can cost you a fortune if you ignore what’s going on under the hood for too long. Don’t dawdle and wait for a problem or complication to occur.

Be proactive with your car: that means heading out once a month or so and hitting up your local mechanic for a quick and easy checkup. It won’t cost you much, and you’ll be able to identify and address problems in your car before they cause you any trouble.

Prepare for the Seasons

One of the first challenges any car owner will face will come with the change in seasons. Summer-proofing, hurricane-proofing and more importantly, winter-proofing your vehicles can take some time to get used to, but it’s absolutely crucial to get the basics straight.

Your tires need to be checked for tire pressure, as pressure decreases in the extreme cold. Having the right oil and antifreeze is also crucial to prevent damages or a potentially frozen engine, and both your battery and windscreen wipers need regular checking to ensure they're up to specs for the heavy winter scenery.

Keep an Eye on the Oil Filter

In a car’s innards, the driving mechanism of the vehicle is the engine. Generally-speaking, the modern combustion engine works through a series of pistons that are propelled by short, controlled explosions created with tiny amounts of air and fuel within the engine’s steel cylinders, which are lubricated with motor oil.

The oil and fuel in your engine needs to be clean to ensure that the explosions and pistons don’t cause any damage due to unwanted friction – and that requires an oil filter to filter out any debris that might accumulate in over time, and a fuel filter to ensure the same doesn’t happen in your gas tank. To ensure fuel efficiency, filters should be replaced or cleaned out roughly every 30,000-40,000 miles according to online sources and Angie’s List, although it’s best to ask your mechanic for advice based on your car’s make, model and usage.

Steer Clear from the Ground

4x4 or off-road vehicles can get some heavy suspension damage over time, while low-riding cars often need to be sent into the shop for a modification before they’re ready for speed bumps and their kin. If you’re an enthusiast and skilled mechanic yourself and are rocking, say, a Chevy, and are looking for a Chevy Silverado lift kit, your best bet for your buck would be an online shop like McGaughys Store, as online retail and trade is making it easier to find better local deals.


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