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In Counterstrike, do you always keep on dieing, do you want to know what weapons to choose? Well this guide is exactly what you need.


-Identify the maps type, e.g. open field, lots of hiding spots, close combat. Use this knowledge against your enemies, so for instance in as_oilrig, if I were a CT, i would get a M4A1 set, as the M4A1 is accurate, automatic and has a usefull silencer to not cause to much attention to itself. If I were a T, i would get a Sniper and Snipe targets as the map has a large amount of high ground, with not many ways to access it.

-If playing in multiplayer (online), people will often have habits of which route they take, use those habbits against them.

-If you have the bomb, plant it in a position where you can easily see it from your hiding spot, this will help with protecting it.

-If you kill a player, move away as fast as you can as enemies (In 1.6 bots only) can pick your position up quickly.

-Work in small squads, one covering the other so you can't be flanked as easy.

-Know your map and the route your going to take, plan ahead, if your taking tunnel, bring some nightvision gogles with you so you know where your going (only if flashlight is disabled).

-Make the most out of security cameras, did you know that the truck's computers and the Tv's in cs_Assualt can be accessed by pressing E on them (lights can also turn our using that method sometimes). This will allow you to know (mostly) your enemies positions.

-If guarding hostages, try to use hostages as a shield, making enemies kill them, and therefore lose significant amounts of money.


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