Be Ready to Face the Monstrous Hurricane

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She is coming: the monstrous hurricane Irene. Historical warning has been given to the residents of East Coast of the USA about the arrival of the monstrous hurricane.

Irene is on the way

The eastern part of the USA is battered with natural disasters, one after the other. The unforeseen Virginia earthquake has just passed by. Now follows the monstrous hurricane. It is reported that a powerful hurricane named Irene is heading toward New York City, where it could arrive on Sunday in an event now being described as “the worst effects from a hurricane in the region in 50 years.”

According to the reports of Accuweather, Irene is moving from the Atlantic towards the east coast of the USA and is supposed to attack the New York area by Sunday. Accuweather continues, “Such a path would lead to severe impacts that could prompt officials to force evacuations. All residents and visitors in the path of Irene should heed these orders if issued and prepare homes and businesses for Irene’s onslaught in the meantime.”

The Scaring Hurricane Irene

The officials and residents from Florida to the New York have stocked up on supplies, dusted off evacuation plans and readied for the worst as Irene, the first hurricane to threaten the U.S. in in this decade. Federal officials have warned that the storm could flood streets and knock down power lines. The hurricane Irene had already wrought destruction across the Caribbean and is expected to be worse as it moves to the East Coast.

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City is warning the people saying, “This is very serious. Do not be fooled by the sun outside. You just can’t wait until gale force winds and driving winds begin.”

Tips to be prepared to face the monstrous hurricane

1) These tips are not for becoming panic or complacent, but to face emergent situations prudently and protect yourself from unnecessary loss. Follow the forecast announcements and do things accordingly.

2) Check your food supplies and store enough food, groceries and also water in advance. You cannot assume what may happen due to heavy storm and damages. When power failed a few years ago, people couldn’t even lit their ovens and heat or prepare food as they didn’t even have a matchstick or lighter. News agencies say that many people have already begun stocking up on essentials such as bottled water, gasoline and plywood for boarding up windows.

3) The expected powerful hurricane may cause flood and knock down power lines. Hence fill up your car with gas. You should be on alert to store what you may need for a few days.

4) You must have your first aid kit read for emergency. See if there is medicine for wound care and to help stop the bleeding of acute wounds. You must also have sutures and topical antiseptics.

5) If you have to go out do not forget to take with you a raincoat or waterproof clothing. The storm may hit at any time and you should be ready to protect yourself.

6) Perhaps you may not have access to Bank ATMs and you should have cash with you for purchasing fuel, supplies or even food. You must have a stock of fuel, water, food items.

7) You should also be ready to evacuate your place in case you are forces to do so. You can’t predict how things may turn out.


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author avatar Denise O
27th Aug 2011 (#)

Just great information to be had by all in the path of the storm. Congratulations on being the author of the day my friend. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar vpaulose
27th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you my sister Denise for your loving words.

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author avatar Carol
27th Aug 2011 (#)

Congratualtions V paulose on being the author of the day. I am hoping this hurricane doesn't reach Greensboro where my family are. Thanks for the info.

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author avatar vpaulose
27th Aug 2011 (#)

Dear sister Carol, thank you very much for your love and encouragement

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author avatar Maria Malone
27th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you Vpaulose and congrats on author of the day. I am awaiting Irene's presence later this evening, it is only raining now and we have stocked up and prepared as best we can!

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author avatar vpaulose
27th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you my dear sister Maria for your love and encouraging words.

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