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Every one of us has a unique physique and personality traits needing equally and matching unique prescriptions for personality development. Still, it is worth to investigate, understand and adopt some general issues of personality development.

Extended Paradigms of Personality

There was a time when looks and postures of body were considered to be the personality of a person, but no more. Now with advances in psychology and philosophy of life, increased significance of productivity, considerations of overall wellness and need of socialization skills, meaning of personality has been widened. Now, actions, words and even thoughts matter more than looks and are considered part and parcel of one's personality. This new paradigm of personality is based on newly-found fact of life that thoughts, words and actions determine impression of a person on others and even the person's own perception about him/herself. With this background in mind, here is how one can develop the most impressive personality.
This, however, does not mean for anybody including myself that these suggestions are flawless or can be implemented flawlessly and hence results achievable with certainty. Every one of us has a unique physique and personality traits needing equally and matching unique prescriptions for personality development. Still, it is worth to investigate, understand and adopt some general issues of personality development.

Discipline is the Key

For every good thing a person may wish in his/her life, discipline works as the key for bountiful harvest. Discipline includes self-restrains in all walks of life, but most importantly in fulfilling social responsibilities. This means respecting others' rights on common resources while making use of these for serving own purposes. Social discipline, however, doesn't interfere with freedom of the individual within boundaries of his/her premises.
Another important area of discipline is sex which has become the worst weakness of human-beings under misguidance religious and aristocratic politicians whose aim has been to weaken the humanity and keep on exploiting people for own lavish lifestyle.

Eat Discretely

Health plays the most important role in one's life which depends on food intake by the person, apart from his/her pursuing social discipline. While indiscrete sex is the most damaging to health, being discrete in matters of food is the most rewarding. Being vegetarian is the most humane, within which seasonal and locally grown fruits make the most important healthy foods. Food-grains cause faster ageing hence need be minimized except taking duly cooked combination of 7 whole grains of Beans family - Black, Green and Bengal Grams, Moth, Kidney Beans, and White and Pigeon Peas. Lentils make the best recipes for breakfast.

Work Passionately

Passion for doing something makes a person blind to all other things except his/her objective in mind, thus improving his/her focus on the activity. This results into improvement of chances of success of the person. Passion blinds intellect of the person also and debars him/her to understand whether his/her action is right of not. But this does not mean that all passionate acts are without use of intellect. In fact, the person's intellect is made use of in planning for the action before the action itself. Thus, there exists no need of it while in action.

Express Emotionally

Emotions are functions of the brain of a person and represent his/her most humane aspect of his/her personality. Emotions come to surface through the person's expressions in the form of his/her voice and other body-language signals when he/she feels deeply attached to the the thing, matter or person.. These may be negative such as anger, hatred, etc. or positive such as mercy, brotherhood, love, respect, etc. but under both types of emotions, the person is never indifferent to the situation.
An emotional expression means that the person is deeply involved and such an involvement is necessary for getting desired impact of the personality of result of the resultant actions.

Relax Calmly

The third important aspect of one's personality is how he/she relaxes him/herself as the relaxation not only rejuvenates the person but also restores his/her energy and enthusiasm for the next moves of actions and expressions. Otherwise also, when a person works passionately and expresses emotionally, he/she puts his/her best in the task and gets exhausted needing a rejuvenation. Such a rejuvenation is achieved when the person relaxes with total calmness of his/her body, mind and brain which may be called a total relaxation.
A relaxation does not always mean lying on a bed but may be achieved in any comfortable posture with eyes closed, body standstill and brain left to be just natural with its usual thinking stream. Lying on bed is, of course, the most comfortable posture for the body.

Totality is the Essence

The essence of the above narrations is that for a powerful impact of one's personality, one must do, whatever the task in hand including the relaxation, with his/her totality - the body, the mind and the brain. A total relaxation is possible only when the person had put his/her totality in his/her previous move of actions and expressions. Moreover, a relaxation is needed and possible only when the person has put his/her best in his/her actions and expressions, else the relaxation becomes the cause of diseases of body and mind.
Such a totality is possible when the person has harmony of his/her thoughts, expressions and actions. Any drift in between will ruin his/her totality and hence weaken impact of his/her personality.


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author avatar M G Singh
5th Jul 2015 (#)

Good suggestions

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
5th Jul 2015 (#)

You have presented your point of view very well. However, things like discipline, eating discreetly and working passionately seem to be age old axioms. Secondly, you wrote about expressing one's emotions effectively. Here, I beg to differ with you. Would you tolerate your subordinate if he tells you're fit for nothing? I, for one, believe one should present his point of view in agreeable terms and in sugarcoated words, This in modern parlance is called practical intelligence.

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author avatar Ram Bansal
6th Jul 2015 (#)

@GV Rama Rao, 'Expressing Emotions Effectively' doesn't mean bitterly. Effectiveness includes not-hurting too. I strongly disapprove the modern trend of diplomacy. This is not practical intelligence which indeed is putting your views to get the desired effect.

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