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Being on your own needs courage of conviction and living with that. Moreover, it must be realized that nobody in the world is anxious about you more than you yourself or at the most your near and dear ones, up to varied extents

Your Life

Being yourself means that you live your life without bothering for other's opinion about yourself. This, however, does not mean that you live like a rowdy without bothering for others, but means only that within social disciplinary parameters, your life is just yours. You are the sole deciding factor what dress you wear, what profession you adopt, what hobbies are dear to you, which place you stay, which persons you get related to, etc.
We all find that many persons dress, behave, talk etc. just with keeping others’ views on them in their minds, at the cost of their respective personal choices and lifestyles. This means that they don't live for themselves but for others only. Why it is so? It is so that persons lack courage of thinking, speaking and acting in accordance with their own choices, but go by majority norms, not to be pinpointed for their uniqueness. The world is composed of mediocre conformists, which, I suppose, you won’t like to be called. Being on your own needs courage of conviction and living with that. Moreover, it must be realized that nobody in the world is anxious about you more than you yourself or at the most your near and dear ones, up to varied extents

Value of Uniqueness

Now a zillion dollar question arises why one should live in his/her unique way. It is because each of us is a unique product of Nature, has a unique face and other features, has unique genetic links, has grown under unique conditions, has unique circumstances, etc. with an infinite list of unique things about each one. When so many things are unique in each of us, why not the thoughts?
If thoughts are unique, so should be the words and other expressions, and so should be the actions and other factors of one's conduct. To be a right person, one should have harmony of his/her thoughts, words and actions.
Uniqueness frees one from bindings with others and provides him/her a unique value in the society, so natural an attribute desired by each of us. Being a copy of others is like a mass-produced item using a machine in a manufacturing factory, making the person like a sellable commodity in the market at a fixed price like others of the same kind.
While following the majority view shows one’s lack of courage, the sticking to one’s uniqueness provides freedom to the person. Only thing expected from each of us the social discipline since humans have evolved to a high degree as social animals. Freedom with discipline is often called liberty.
Therefore, friends, just be unique to yourself and enjoy the freedom of being yourself.

Why Uniqueness

Natural personality of each of is uniquely built like faces of each of us - similar to each other yet uniquely different from others. For respecting Nature and also ourselves, we must maintain this uniqueness of ours. This provides us senses of freedom, self-esteem and self-confidence, which we all aspire to have in abundance. Anybody deficient in any or many of these desired attribute in him/herself is surely deficient in respecting his/her uniqueness in the world.
Through realizing and being unique, we are not creating any uniqueness but just respecting what we naturally are. Thus, uniqueness is our birthright which provides us birthrights in matters of freedom, self-esteem and self-confidence.

A Way to Uniqueness

We are represented in the world through our individual bodies, words and deeds, with these three projecting our respective individuality to the external world. Therefore, way to establishing our uniqueness lies in these three aspects of our individuality.
Body : Physically, we are generally identified by our facial features, therefore, to have the uniqueness, let us not apply any make-up on the face but keep it as it is with the confidence that it is the best representation of the individuality. Then, there comes the value of our respective dresses. Therefore, dress yourself as you like it without imitating anybody else. Another physical aspect that is easily caught by others is our body posture and language. Keep them as natural as you can.
Words : We learn making use of words and languages through our education after taking birth in the world. Though, we get some common elements through education, still our command over the language of our use is unique. Develop it to be the best in expressing your views and opinions through your words, and do that without any hesitation. Remember, practice makes a person perfect.
Deeds : Our deeds influenced by our attitude towards life and interaction with others ultimately project what we actually are in the world. Every person has a mission and vision of life for the satisfaction of which he/she works. Set mission and vision of your life, if not done already, uniquely in accordance to what you would like to be seen by others in the world.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
16th Jul 2015 (#)

I am afraid I do not agree with you in some respects. We live in a society, and we need acceptance by others. We conduct ourselves so as to be accepted and appreciated by people that matter around us. Living one's life by his own rules is not a recommended path.

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author avatar Ram Bansal
16th Jul 2015 (#)

@ GV Rama Rao, Living own life in own ways never means disagreement with others because everyone does so.

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