Being Misfit in a Society

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Being misfit in a society is not a crime and you need not to explain your unique conduct to anybody provided you are behaving within the legal framework. Ultimately, you prove to be more respectable than others, for your courage.

Why makes one a Misfit

Every society through its majority view develops some norms which may be right or wrong or even in between right and wrong. Therefore to fit in a society, a person must follow these norms for being called a 'normal' or a fit person. For this, there is no criteria whether the person is morally right or wrong. This also means that the person has to be a conformist.

Anybody, having no inclination of being a conformist, or goes his/her own way whether the society or the majority of persons around like his actions or not, has to be a misfit particularly when the norms of the society and the person are opposite to each other. This proves that a person misfit in a society is not necessarily a wrong person, because the social norms may be wrongly set.

When a society goes on a wrong path, and that is most often, all right thinking persons, all philosophers, all moralists and all non-conformists become misfits in the society. Indeed, these misfits are the pioneers to bring back the society on the right path by resetting its norms.

The Importance of Misfits

It is usual for common people in a society to become selfish under guidance and inspirations of vested interests. The misfits in the society are always free thinkers and do not deviate from their own norms of morality. Thus by their social conduct, they prove to be the light posts for standards of morality, and thus become causes of bringing the society back to moral norms.

Even if the social norms appear to be rightly set, the misfits in the society has a great significance as showing an alternate way of life to the people. This provide an opportunity to the people to judge which one is better for them individually and adopt accordingly. All great persons of the world have been misfits in their own societies in their lifetimes.

Why Be Independent of Social Norms

Every individual is free to decide his/her conduct in the society under given legal framework of the society. Thus, nobody need to explain to others why he/she is different from others, provided he/she has the inner self-confidence of behaving in a particular way. Such persons have always been and will always be treated, by humanity in general, with respect and dignity, irrespective of what the local society considers them to be at the time. It is only a matter of time when they get this recognition from the humanity. In many cases, such a recognition comes after their life, even it is worth to stick to one's own norms.

Another notable attribute of misfits of a society is their courage of standing apart against a majority view. And this is of no less value for any body to consider for his/her conduct. Being courageous is itself a virtue and certainly carries other human virtues with it.


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