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A little something about talking with others and relating to other people. Connecting and being friendly, this has good tips for those who want to be a friend.

The First Connection

Really any thing can be created out of nothing when it comes to making relationships with people. Some of the littlest things can start a relationship. But when it comes to the opportunity its not easy. I know for me I have a hard time making new friends and connecting with the friends I do have. At least I'm trying because I am doing better its still hard sometimes. From my experiences I can help tell others how to be better at making friends and getting out there.

The Leap of Faith

To do anything you have never done is scary uncertain and unsafe. Really anything worth doing is never a sure thing. But its worth doing you don't want not to be alone so you got to make friends and connect with other people. So put yourself out there and be ready to get hit. Its not safe to do it but, make a effort to connect and it might work. But its not a guarantee, I won't tell you to go do this or do this one thing and it would work, because everyone is different and everything gets different results. Best thing to do is to be ready to do that thing you want to do that you think might work. Just don't over think it, if you fail try again, and try it with more wisdom this time.

Time is Important

In order to get positive results you have to put time in it. You won't get instant results all the time but its worth a try. Its not always going to work out in the end but if you are connected to someone who's not into it then you need to let go and let it die. At least you tried but back to the point. Put in the time and you will get a result maybe not the result you want. Give it a shot you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. To add to all of this, you will discover a little bit of yourself. After all of this you will need to know what you want and what you like to do and do it. If you don't want to be alone then find out what kind of friend you are. And be a good one.


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