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Why primitive minds continue to inhabit bodies living in the 21st century

Jamaica, for example

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean sea. The original inhabitants were murdered by the Spainards and Africans were imported for labour. Many escaped and became Maroons.

They carried their language and beliefs with them.
Their beliefs are called 'Obeah'. This is the basic religion of West Africa, with various gods and goddesses and ways to channel their power.

Haiti has a lesser version called Voodoo.

Most people have heard of Voodoo because of the 'public' demonstrations which tourists like to see. Obeah is practiced in private.

The majority of Jamaicans absolutely believe in Obeah, just as the majority of Haitians absolutely believe in Voodoo.

For Example

A chap moved into an area amid some contention. A 'Warner' man told him to protect himself from Obeah sent by the neighbours by getting a flock of pigeons.

According to the 'Warner' man the pigeons would catch the Obeah.

(A Warner man is a flat foot hustler who makes money by telling people stupidity and then demanding money for his help).

Rats With Wings

The chap went and got himself a bunch of pigeons. They didn't live in a coup some distance from the house. They lived on the house, in the house, and did what they pleased.

Pigeons carry over thirty fatal diseases.

Soon enough he fell ill and went to the hospital. He never told the physicians he kept pigeons. Even when he was exhorted to tell them, he made that small sly smile, because he knew it wasn't the pigeons; it was...Obeah.

And Then

When he died the community was convinced he had been 'Obeahed'. Forget the autopsy. Doctors don't know anything about Obeah.

When his daughter got sick she fled the area, and his wife has also departed. The pigeons are mostly dead now.

However, quite a few other people are walking around with various diseases, getting the wrong treatment, and going to the Obeah Man for a 'cure.'

Gone Abroad

People who believe in this kind of nonsense cling to it with every atom in their bodies. They may go up to America, they may live in the most modern areas, they may gain education. They may look sensible.

But they truly believe in Obeah or Voodoo.
And that supercedes anything resembling sense.

One Sock

While in America at a particular nursing home. Many of the nurses and the nurses aides were from Haiti.

One of them performed a particular action and I caught her. She, thinking to have her revenge, stole one of my socks.

To you this sounds like stupidity squared, but to her, that action was extremely significant. For taking one shoe or one sock is a very powerful signal.

I am a Jamaican. I can't help it.

Seeing the one sock I made a number of prouncements, including putting a mark on the door.

At the speed of light the sock appeared and the Haitian staff disappeared. This is because Jamaican Obeah trumps Haitian Voodoo.

Fraud, Stupidity, Belief and Fear

The majority of people who 'practice' Obeah haven't a clue. They don't know the history of it, they don't even know the basics. It is make it up as you go along.

One of the Leaders in Potions died. He made a potion of poisonous plants and drank it.
Of course, various other 'Practitioners' claimed to have killed him so as to gain more customers for their 'balm yard.'

It is Not Only Here

All over the world people believe in various kinds of 'magic'. They believe they can affect natural processes by some kind of behaviour.

All they need is some guru to come along and make a proclaimation and they will immediately give over common sense and join the circus.

In modern societies the circus doesn't last centuries. Many bouts of insanity are over in a season or a year or two. Shame facedly the previous intelligent person shuffles away, as if he was never part of the Great Nonsense.

In other places, stupidity is passed in the genes.


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author avatar Buzz
18th Aug 2011 (#)

Those superstitious lot will probably need brainwashing and/or better education they could get.

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author avatar kaylar
18th Aug 2011 (#)

Trust me on this, the most educated still believe in Obeah.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Quit trying to scare people off pigeons, I have kept them as pets, never died yet! Mind you I think its important to keep good care of them, and not over crowd them.
Just joking with you too, because I know they can carry some diseases, infact nearly every flu can be transmitted by birds of some kind.

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author avatar kaylar
21st Aug 2011 (#)

The guy had them in his house, in his water supply. He didn't have them in a coup...they weren't way over there...they were craping down the door wouldn't want to walk into that house...

It's a true story.

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