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We all love winning, but do we love just as much honestly working for it?

The answer is not blowing in the wind, it is inside you

Get ready for this, fasten your seat belts: Life comes down to what we genuinely and honestly put into it. All else is cheating ourselves. I am thankful for every moment I am given even if at times, it does not seem like it to other people, and I say "Aw, hell" a lot. I am thankful for every moment I can work with reality instead of it being a given. For me, the answer never blew in the wind, it is within me. It is nothing I can "brass ring" outside of me, it starts here inside me, for me.

Sure, the process may be maddening at times, even seemingly frustrating. But if we love doing it as much as what it ends with, it is worth it.

Consciousness and gratitude


I'm so grateful for everything you've ever given me
How can I explain what it means to be loved by you
By you, loved by you, loved by you

Show my gratitude, gratitude, show my gratitude
I wanna show my gratitude, gratitude ya.

Well, I was lonely, I was living with a memory
But my cold and lonely nights ended when you sheltered me
Loved by you, I was loved by you, ya, I was loved by you

I wanna show my gratitude, gratitude, show my gratitude to you
Gratitude, show my gratitude to you, oh ya

I should stop loving you
Think what you put me through
But I don't want to lock my heart away
I will look forward to
Days when I'd be loving you
Until then, gonna wish and hope and pray
Ya ya ya ya ya!

I wanna show my gratitude, gratitude
I wanna show my gratitude, show my
Yeah my gratitude

To be loved by you, be loved by you,
Loved by you, to be loved by you


That song quote there is a song called Gratitude by Paul McCartney. I wanted to start out this section on a good foot and a great step in the right direction. You know, all of the greatest things in life come from high consciousness and lots of gratitude through the process, before and after it. Why do you think real successes are so "amazing" when they do happen? Indeed, genuine failures happen without gratitude or consciousness. Need I be starker in example? No, I suppose not, but I will go on with this section:

Face it, some of the greatest creations in reality come from the highest consciousness and greatest gratitude and love of life. Compassion is one of the highest actions a consciousness can take in existence as lying and cheating are the lowest orders of creativity. Lying and cheating may seem to be easier than "going through it and earning it", but is it? All of the greatest cover up actions in history were because of lying and cheating on a mass scale. On the other hand, all of the most beautiful actions in history were compassionate. Think about that.

My reality, my fault, my virtue (Mea Culpa Totalis)

Earlier today, before I started this section, I was feeling very depressed because I do not seem to be making any headway or "push through" in getting the goals I genuinely want in existence, not just life, "this situation" or whatever is in front of me. I mean the big picture here. Indeed, I realized this: Patience, understanding and tolerance is not just a matter of virtue, it is a necessity. Up times, down times, whatever times: We all need tact of that sort at those times, and not be in a rush. So, I repeat a simple formula to myself every day in the mirror as I need to, looking deeply into my eyes. I did it today after I used the restroom at the place where I do my volunteer work at before getting a ride with my friend Anthony "Tony" Ordorica to the library where I am doing this section at. My point is that it is simple to empower yourself, but to keep it going even in "down times", that is a different story all together. It is a situation where everything inside of you wants to feel sorry for itself, but something wonderful is fighting that feeling like the ultimate desirable resistance or positive spiritual antibody that genuinely keeps you going and makes you realize that you do or I do genuinely have not just a choice in the matter, but a duty in the matter to go on especially when the going gets rough. After all, temporary failure is simply eventual genuine success in the worst of work clothes to paraphrase Napoleon Hill. To put it another way, I will get through it.

Why the emphasis on that "I"? Come on, is that not what everything comes down to? It came down to a choice to turn the screw like Alexander Graham Bell with the telephone to change the current rate so that speech would be possible instead of needing to sing into the phone to talk. Elisha Gray, Phillip Reis or many other inventors could have been credited with inventing the telephone. But what made the glory for Alexander Graham Bell was simply not to give up until the goal was genuinely achieved in a total and genuine way. After all, I remember in Napoleon Hill's "Law Of Success" books at the beginning he writes about in the Master Mind section what Alexander Graham Bell told him about persistence of vibration will always result in fulfillment, and he considered Alexander Graham Bell an authority on vibration too. If you read those books closely, you will catch all that reality talked about there. Also, vibration is not just what we see, it is what we do not see. You have extremely low frequency vibrations that underpin what goes on, normal vibrations that we see "apparently", and those extremely high vibrations that control what goes on "behind the scenes". In short, you have the totality of reality working in all ways that count, not just what we see or what is apparent. Reality, for all faults and virtues is our totality, not just what we apparently see or what is immediate. It is how I can go on even if I seem to fail, slip or be a little depressed at times. I know that there is always more. I know that there is always more to do and never go by appearances or apparent signs. I am intuitive genuinely. That is all I can say in this section, I hope it helps.


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30th Oct 2017 (#)

beautiful lovely gratitude u do put across is all and in it we must dissolve ..
great priest r u poetically also

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