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It's always good to have more browsers on our system. Let's see some benefits.

About Concept

Hello Friends :)

In these days having more than one browser in our computer is common. I mean windows system comes with the Internet Explorer and not most of the people like to surf Internet with it. Yes there are users of Internet Explorer too but not many. Most of the people likes to go for those famous browsers like firefox, Chrome, etc. And why not?? They are giving good facilities too.

But do having more than one browser on purpose. I am not talking like I mentioned above that we don't like to use Internet Explorer and that's why we having another browser in our system. Its like we having more browsers on purpose. Like for different usage. I am sure many of you are using more browsers on purpose.

Some Benefits :

Let's see some benefits of having more browsers on our system.

Security :: These days people used to open different sites for different purpose. I mean some of them are for entertain purpose, some of them are business related and some of them are security related. So its not good to open some important sites(like net-banking) with our normal browser. I mean we used to install different addons in browser and there is possibility of some tracking addon/program got installed with those addons. So better we use totally different browser for important sites for safety purpose.

For Different Features :: Well, Not all browsers having the same facility in them. For example , Firefox having some good and unique features and at the same point some features are good in chrome too which we can't get in firefox. So we need to install both of them for using all features together. By this way we can have all the benefits.

For emergency :: It is possible that sometime our main browser gets some damage or get corrupted. So at that time better we have some other browser for time being usage.

Not all online software compatible with only one browser :: We having some softwoods or sites which are not compatible with all browsers. And for using them we are forced to download the particular browser in our system.

So that's it. For some reason its good to have more than one browser in our computer. And also there is no drawback of having all of them. Personally I used to open some particular sites on some particular browsers only. So I am having mostly all browsers on my computer.

What you say ??


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