Best SEO optimization tips that you will realize after long hard work and intensive research on the topic

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All SEO techniques, what you really require in order to improve your search rankings, the best techniques that youwill eventually learn after long time optimizing your website.

There must be something you must have missed, read all to know a little more

This is a huge topic, I know but it covers almost entirely what you will find on the internet and learn eventually overtime trying to optimize your search results. These suggestions are to the point and not a long step by step guide, but provides almost everything you will need to increase your rank on search engines, if you want a step by step guide for all of them, Google the highlighted term, as it is impossible to do that here.
1.Choose an appropriate URL if you can, if not include keywords in URL, by creating new pages, but only for the most important keywords.

2.Include keywords in text and do not worry much about meta keywords.

3.You must follow as many Google webmaster guidelines for your website as possible, as it is one of the most used search engines.

4.Start building backlinks from very early stage(I will show you easy ways to do it).

5.It is very important to get a few fixes in your .htaccess and robots, such as cache, canonical url for you site and sitemap submission.

6.Use SEO analysers to improve and analyse your website. No need to buy a subscription, just use the free ones, every tool is virtually the same.

7.Check your SERP rankings, in your local search and global search results to see how you are doing( is a good one)

8.Check through google trends or similar tools, the keywords you should optimize for before you start building links.

9.Do not build too many links too fast, although do not miss a chance if you are getting them.

10.Do not rely on black hat techniques, it is not easy to trick those search engine.

11. Emphasize on unique content and quality content, not too much on website design, keep it simple and you will not waste space on too much designing, speed is very important.

12.Do not use any flash content in place of text, text is most essential, believe me, the more text you have more easily your website can be found by search engines, that is the reason you see Wikipedia like websites getting on the top for that many keywords.

13.You can check for some search traffic on, but please use analytics from the very beginning.

14. Increase page loading speed by using YSLOW and GOOGLE PAGESPEED INSIGHT.

15.Use social media, most important ones and even less used or non-popular ones, also many may even give you backlinks just by creating profiles.

16.Sign up wherever you can and do not forget to place your website somewhere in the profile, it is awesome if there is an option, otherwise place it in the description.

17.Do not try to find a hack or pay to increase visits to your site, that will not help to increase SERP and may ban you from Google.

18.Do not let people get too many outbound links that are dofollow from your website, that is even more important for a blog, make default links nofollow when someone posts something to your blog or website.

19.Get any type of backlinks (dofollow or nofollow) from authority websites and .gov,.edu websites if you can.

20.Get backlink knowledge from your competitors, by checking what backlinks they have, very usefull tools for doing this are moz open site explorer,, and

21.Upload a youtube video , also backlink the channel and include the video on your site if possible.

22.Write too much, build as many pages as you can and submit them to free link building websites to get additional links.

23.Some backlinks which cannot be indexed by google should be submitted through free indexing services, such as or similar ones.

24.Use markup for rich snippets.

25.Always focus on popular social networks and index directories or search engines, even if you hate them.

26.Submit your website and optimize for next best search engines such as Bing, yahoo and Ask, along with Google, as long as it does not take a lot of time.

27.Do not blindly trust SEO Companies, many are there just to fool you.

28.Use Google adwords and facebook ads, they are the most effective and my advice is to initially do use adwords in order to get a few visitors initially, without initial advertisement it will be very difficult for you to compete initially.Also in my opinion facebook ads will not work to get website clicks, but you can get them through your page visits indirectly, also social referral mostly have a low bounce rate.

29.Never use too much website hit exchange or paid traffic exchange, it will increase your bounce rate.

30.You can use some websites that allow you to purchase paid clicks, likes and following for your website.


Backlinks are the main thing you will spend time on

More than 70% of your time will be spent on creating back links, even more than creating the website, this is the most time consuming task, you need thousands of back links even for the least popular keywords to have a decent position in Search results, i.e 1st page of Google.
Some techniques to get a few free back links
• Submit to free backlink provider you find on the internet, they will submit your website to free search tools, whois websites, about me sites, web page checking sites, search engines, seo checkup and more, however they may take time to get indexed, you can use an indexing or ping service or just let it go, they will eventually be indexed.
• Submit to free backlink sites time to time as these backlinks may expire overtime.
• Use indexing service along with ping for indexing most important backlinks.
• Create social profiles and include your website in the description or profile page somewhere.
• Submit to free web directories, for a high pr directory it may take longer time to get approved, and do not pay too much for any directory.
• You can use some paid back-links or exchange links but never do that too much, Google like search engines will definitely find it out.
• Write articles and put just a few back-links in them, most popular websites like Wikipedia will not give you a dofollow link but will still be worth much more than even 50 backlinks from other low pr websites.
• Make dofollow links if possible.
• Comment or post on forums with signature as your website.
• Higher someone if you don't have time to build backlinks and hire someone to get high pr backlinks, otherwise you can do it yourself by using tools such as scrapebox.
• Do not use link building tools to get thousands of links overnight.
• While submitting to free backlink building websites remember, you will get about 40% of them only really pointing to your site, and not even 10% will be initially indexed automatically by Google, you can submit to get 1000 backlinks to those websites to get couple hundred backlinks.

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1st Sep 2014 (#)

Looks a rather tough act to follow as I am not much into technical aspects. I post topical, meaningful, articles and expect the rest to take care of itself. However, I promote through social media. Thanks for the tips that should benefit those more inclined into technical ways to get wider audience - siva

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