Best Way To Make Bird's Nest Soup

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Bird's nest soup is good because according to the Chinese it has many health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure, I don't know if it is true but here are two ways my uncle taught me. It is easy to prepare and hope you enjoy it as I do...


The authentic bird’s nest soup is a special delicacy in Chinese Cuisine. It is very popular throughout Asia maybe because it is believed that it is an aphrodisiac and has medicinal powers. This soup is made using the nest of a small bird that dwells inside a cave. This bird is called a swift and it is rare because instead of using sticks and twigs for its nests, this bird uses its own gummy saliva to produce a sticky substance that hardens when exposed to air. The bird’s nest s is one of the most expensive animal products that are being consumed by humans. There are quite some variations on how to cook a bird’s nest soup, and here is a simple recipe you could try.

(RECIPE 1) Ingredients:

¼ lb. dried bird’s nest
½ cup cooked white meat chicken
½ cup smoked ham
6 cups rich chicken stock
½ table spoon salt
2 egg whites
pepper to taste


Before cooking prepare all of your ingredients. Soak the dried bird’s nest in cold water overnight. Using a long tweezers pick or pull out the small feathers interwoven within the nest and other pieces of stuff that should not belong in there. Rinse well and set aside for the time being. Shred the white meat chicken with your fingers and slice the smoked ham into cubes or you can shred it if you want.

In a large pan put the soaked dried bird’s nest, the white meat chicken, the chicken stock and the salt. Bring to a boil and let it simmer for about thirty minutes or until the bird's nest is soft and tender. Beat the egg whites and slowly add it the soup, stirring lightly until it is all set and cooked. You can garnish it with the cubed smoked ham on top. Serve it hot.

(RECIPE 2) Ingredients

2 ounces dried bird’s nest,
6 tablespoon rock sugar, crushed,
2 cups water,
2 egg whites beaten.
1/2 cup sweet peas


The procedure would be exactly as the one above. Just put the soaked and cleaned bird’s nest in a pan; add the water .Add the sweet peas. Let it boil and simmer for about thirty minutes or until the birds nest is soft and tender. Add the sugar, stirring constantly until the sugar is well blended and dissolved. Add the 2 egg white slowly while stirring lightly. Serve it hot. The sweetness and consistency of this soup would make you want more.



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author avatar Jerry Walch
28th Feb 2011 (#)

Sounds interesting but I don't know if I want to eat a dried birds nest unless it's a matter of survival :-))

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author avatar Asian
9th Feb 2012 (#)

this sounds like a good food to eat............ if i had the birds nest lol this sounds tasty ;P

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author avatar Grace teruel
19th Jun 2012 (#)

where can i buy a dried birds nest.

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