Best ways to germinate vegetables seeds

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Just a few simple ways to germinate vegetable seeds for the garden.

Seed germination

Germinating vegetable seeds before planting them is one of the best ways to determine if the seeds will start to grow before planting them. This helps to ensure that you aren't wasting your time planting seeds in the garden that won't grow. This process is not as difficult as one may think it would be and here are two really good inexpensive methods that will work quite well that can be tried.

The paper towel method

The paper towel method is a simple way to germinate vegetable seeds because most people have paper towels and they are very easy to keep moist. The moisture is what is necessary to get your seeds moving and to wake them up. Germinating is keeping enough moisture on the seeds until they start to grow their tap root. Simply place a paper towel on a flat surface and scatter a few seeds on half of it. Then, fold the towel over and spray it with a spray bottle to moisten. Place in a plastic sandwich bag in a warm location, but not directly in the sunlight. It may get too hot. When you see the taproot start to grow, your seeds are germinating and ready to plant. You don't want to wait too long or the taproot will become brittle and may break off. Therefore, it is best to plant when you first notice the root. Also, remember to open the bag and spray the towel at least once a day to keep it moist.

Using peat pellets

The second way is to purchase peat pellets from your local hardware store or nursery. They are easy to use, but you have to do a couple of things with them before you introduce the seeds. Some of these pellets come with a little plastic greenhouse to put them in, which makes it very convenient for holding in the moisture and allowing a place to set them until you are ready for planting. If you don't purchase one of those and can only locate the pellets, that's alright, too. You will simply need to find a small bowl or plastic container to place them in so that you can keep them moist. Then, place the pellets in the bowl or container by themselves and add water. The peat pellets will fill up with water and within just a few minutes you will see them grow to about 1 to 2 inches tall.

Then, the seeds are ready to be transferred to the peat pellets. These pellets will be planted directly into the ground so you need to make sure that you plant the seeds at the right depth in each pellet. All seeds have different depths that they must be planted in order to give them the best chance to survive and germinate . You can check the back of you seed packet and it will usually tell you how deep to plant them. However, if you don't have that available then the rule of thumb is small seeds are planted to the first knuckle of your finger and bigger ones go in to the second knuckle. Once you have determined your depth, go ahead and put your seeds in the pellets.

Ready to plant

Afterwards, place the container in a large freezer bag to help keep them moist and warm and to produce a greenhouse effect for you seeds. Just make sure to keep the pellets moist and add a little water every day or two to you pellets. You don't want them to dry out. Then, when you see your seeds starting to sprout, you can plant your peat pellets into the ground.


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author avatar Buzz
7th Nov 2012 (#)

Very informative, Richard. Welcome to Wikinut.:-)

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author avatar lrdl3535
7th Nov 2012 (#)

Thanks, I've heard a lot about the site and finally thought I would check it out.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Nov 2012 (#)

Sometimes simply wetting the seeds and keeping them in a moist and wet environment can germinate them.
I start with it that way at times or use a cotton bed to see the steps of growth and then plant them into he soil for a freer and more healthier natural growth with love and fresh air.
One can also try using beautiful music to inspire plants to grow better. It is scientifically proven.

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author avatar lrdl3535
7th Nov 2012 (#)

Thanks,good tips

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
7th Nov 2012 (#)

I love germinated seeds for their high nutritional content.

I'll try these methods also.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Nov 2012 (#)

Useful and interesting share, Richard. Thanks - siva

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author avatar irenen1
6th Feb 2013 (#)

Pellet pots are perfect for corn and peas that don't like transplanting.

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