Beware of Online Relationships

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I tell what it's like to be used. I tell from my own experience getting involved and falling with someone I knew online.

Beware of Internet Relationships

Never believe what someone tells you online, unless you know them very well firsthand offline. I learned through experience not to believe what people say online. More than likely they are not telling the truth. When you just know someone online, they can claim to be anyone or anything. I had my heart broken by believing the wrong person. I met my current husband right after my only child died. As a matter of fact it was one month after she died. He knew exactly what to say to me to bring me out of my depression. He claimed he wasn’'t married and had no children when I met him online. We chatted almost every day for almost two years. I only stopped chatting with him for almost a year, because I had to work and could not be up all night.

He comes from a country other than my own. I found out after we had been married a little while, that he had a wife and children in his native country. He made up another lie, that I was naeve enough to believe, being unfamiliar with the customs of his culture.. I could never marry someone to get paid for it as he told some people. He never paid me to marry him and that was not even discussed. I married him because I was foolish enough to fall in love with an illusion he created of himself. When you are lonely and or grieving, it is easy for online predators to prey on you. That is exactly the case with he and I. When you are desperate for money, the online predators will steal your identity, claiming to be helping you by sending you a check that you have to pay a fee for. These people have no conscience. I do not judge other people who share my husband's culture, so I wont say where he came from. People will just think they are all the same. I have met a few good people from my husband's country.

I thought we were meant for each other. People even told me his family name sounded right with my name. I wont tell his name, because if there is a chance he told me the truth, when he said his kids did not know about me, I wouldn't want to hurt them. I am sure they are innocent of using me, even though they will benefit from their father's marriage to me. That's not their fault. Now his ex wife is another story. She knows about me. I think she has known about me all along. She is as guilty as he is. This is a dilemma for me. How can I get them punished without hurting their children? I love children and that bad man I married told me they would never know me. Did I deserve to be used like this? I think not.

He led me to believe he cared, only to show his true colors when I wasn'’t needed any more. It is still hard to get over the shock of being used to bring his family, or whoever he used me to bring over. I must let God get justice for me even though I am very angry with him. I know God answers prayers. I pray for justice for being hurt and used. I hope that no one else experiences these feelings.

There is not enough room to tell the tale I need to tell fully. I just hope this story makes people think twice before getting involved with someone they met online. If they are not living in the same country, it is hard to do a background check in order to find out all you need to know. It would help if you knew people in his or her country who could do it there for you. I was not that fortunate. I have learned my lesson the hard way. Now I trust no one, especially online. Being used hurts very bad. September 25, 2013 we will be married 7 years. Most of the 7 years he claimed he was working somewhere else. He was never home for more than 4 months at a time. I suspect his ex wife and children were living with him. Maybe she even used my identification, that he got when we went through the immigration process. We both have copies of each other's personal information. I pray to God these people get what they deserve. I just hate it that their children may feel the results when they are finally caught.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
24th Oct 2013 (#)

What a terrible dilemma to find yourself in . We all love to believe the best of people , but what a shock to find out that someone who claims they love you is in fact living a lie ..
I would want out of such a relationship like a shot ...
I would choose to forgive and then move on .
May God give you His peace .

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author avatar ispeakthetruth
24th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you Stella. I am trying to move on, but I can't bring myself to rust any man again. I even have trouble trusting one from my own country. I have been married before to someone from here. It was ok at first then it became .a nightmare.

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