Beyond Big Bang: The Idea Of An Infinite Universe Is Fashionable Again.

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We see a lot of stuff being presented as fact these days because "a consensus of scientists thinks it is probably right."
When we think of how many great advances have resulted from the work / thinking of people who did not have a university degree in a related subject, we understand it is wrong to dismiss the thoughts of the lay person.

Big Bang implodes

Both of us have had many arguments in internet discussion threads with the science fanboys who insist that Big Bang is a 'scientific fact' rather than a theory based on mathematical speculation.
Both of us, (and my consultant on this, Xavier, is a professional engineer who now lectures in physics and engineering and actually understands the mathematics involved, while I am very well versed in philosophy as well as having worked for some years in the nuclear industry) have always thought that the now little discussed (due to the witch hunt tactics employed by the scientific academe) idea of an infinite, eternal, self renewing universe makes a lot more sense than a point at which everything suddenly materialises out of nothing.

Though the mad scientist contingent backed by the political and academic establishments present Big Bang theory as a ' The Science Is Settled' consensus, recent research has once again shot Big Bang theory, dark matter, dark energy, worm holes and black holes full of holes, and the idea of an infinite and eternal universe which our scientists are only aware of a very small part of, is being discussed again.

The scientific consensus Big Bang gang bang boys will howl and scream of course, but they are of a closed and inflexible mindset, which is why they are so good at learning by rote and find it so difficult to entertain challenging ideas. The theoretical physicists simply can't get their heads round concepts like infinity. For open minded, inquisitive people the article linked below makes good, thought provoking reading. There is plenty more food for thought for the open minded in the RELATED POSTS table below

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article. I found it interesting.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
23rd Sep 2015 (#)

Interesting post and lots of mysteries abound in the universe my friend!

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