Bigger Is Not Always Better!

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You can garden in areas that you thought would grow nothing. It just takes time, patience and being hard headed goes along way too.

You can grow both herbs and vegtebales in the same area.

Bigger is not always better, at least in this case. I always plant a garden every year, usually the bigger the better. I moved recently and didn't have time to clear a garden area or get my seeds in the ground in time. I just couldn't imagine a summer with no fresh tomatoes, my favorite.

I never take no for an answer, so out in the yard I went. Where would be a safe place to have plants and yet get plenty of morning sun. I had to take the construction we had going on in consideration and the fact most of my yard is either shady or in trees. My yard and options were disappearing quick. The only option I had was our front yard. It was the only place safe from construction and would receive plenty of sunlight.

Mind you the front yard was not my first option. It's the first thing anyone visiting would see and second it was still full of tree stumps. We cleared our property by hand, a lot of stumps are remaining, but I'm hell bent on having a garden.

The next day we plan on a trip to Walmart. Great I can pick up plants here. I proceed to get me a buggy and head to the garden center. I'm in luck they have all the plants I need. I choose both vegetables and herbs. My husband takes one look at my loaded buggy and asks “What are you going to do with all those plants?” I reply” Plant them, here's your sign” Yes, I'm a smart a** who loves Bill Engvall. “No, I mean where he says”, none to happy with me. “In the front yard”, I say. “Yeah, right, all them stumps, you won't be growing anything. Plants hate pine trees and pine stumps.” “ Besides, there's not enough room”, he argues. My husband thinks you have to have two acres to garden. I'm not going to be defeated, so I argue back” You buy the plants and leave the rest up to me” He does feel sorry for me and buys me some good potting soil.

The next day I had out to the front yard armed and ready to plant a garden. Then I realize I didn't plan this out so well, but I have this bad habit of rarely admitting I'm wrong,especially to my husband. Too many roots and stumps so I won't be able to use the tiller,so I'm forced to fall back on my second choice of tools, a pair of hole diggers. By now my husband realizes I'm hell bent on doing it my way, he grabs the hole diggers and digs the holes as me and our two boys fills each hole with potting soil and a healthy plant. As we finish up he says “It looks great, but I'm telling you nothings going to grow.”

The first couple of weeks everything looked great, God blessed us with plenty of rain. The next thing I knew, I had sick yellow plants and here comes my husband. “So what do you thinks wrong?” he asks.
Well, its not the stumps I think to myself, although I knew part of it was, but I'm still not going to admit it. “The soil is lacking some nutrients, but I don't know which ones,” I answered. “Okay so what would your dad do?” He replies. My Pop's the best at growing anything. “He would use 10-10-10”, I retort. So he fertilizes each plant.

A couple of weeks later we have little plants with blooms. We both figured the blooms would drop off, because the plants are so little yet. We were wrong! They started bearing fruit at about two feet tall. We now have both a vegetable and herb garden in a jungle of stumps and roots that shouldn't have produced anything, let alone the fantastic garden we now have.

In this small area we have watermelon, squash( yellow and zucchini), cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes,okra. oregano, basil,rosemary,lemon balm, bees balm and pineapple sage
It just goes to show good things come to those who wait and big things do come in small packages.


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author avatar drelayaraja
9th Jul 2010 (#)

I agree with your views.

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author avatar Claerwyn Anwylaeth
9th Jul 2010 (#)

Admitting you're wrong to your significant other is hard haha. But good on you for sticking to your guns ! :D

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
9th Jul 2010 (#)

Well said. THanks for sharing this is great info.

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author avatar Retired
10th Jul 2010 (#)

And I can attest to the delicious tomatoes and cucumbers...yum.

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author avatar snooky
11th Jul 2010 (#)

Aint it great how a little care can take you anywhere. Just wait until your seeds and shoots start jumping beds, you will have a melage a twa trey & qauto--lol

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author avatar Denise O
12th Feb 2011 (#)

I learned this from my mama, no matter where we lived, she always had a garden.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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