Biliary cancer and your pet

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In this page, I am going to explain a dangerous cancer. Both your dog and cat get. The cancer is called Biliary carcinoma. I will tell all about it such as how to recognize symptoms, how your veterinarian will diagnose it. Also the way it affects your animals body.

Biliary adenomas and your dog and cat

Dogs and cats can get liver tumors a non-cancerous or benign tumor called biliary adenoma.
The cats when they get tumors, fifty percents of the tumors of the cat is biliary adenomas type of tumor. In dogs they get this type of tumor but it is the second type of tumors they get the most.
Their tumors become a nuisance to your dog or cat when they become bigger because they retain water and push up against their other organs in their bodies
Sometimes draining with a needle gets rid of the tumor, and then they fill up again. If they keep filling up then, the veterinarian might suggest the tumors be surgically removed.

Biliary carcinoma the cancerous tumor

The biliary Carcinoma is another type of tumor your dog and cat can get. These are tumors of the bile duct. These type of tumors are cancerous affect dogs and cats 80 percent of the time the pet gets a bile tumor.
There are two types of bile of bile ducts in dogs there is the intrahepatic which is a bowel duct that is inside the liver and the extrahepatic.lobes. Dogs usually get the bile duct cancer in the left lobe of the liver. When your pet gets this kind of cancer, they are usually ten years of age or older.

Biliary carcinoma a nasty cancer

These cancers are considered a one of the harmful diseases a pet can get as most dogs and cats that get this it grows very fastly, and it does not respond to chemotherapy. What veterinarians do is to do surgery. These types of cancers spread quickly. It can go to the lining of the stomach, pancreas, or kidneys but most often it spreads to the lungs.
When the dog or cat suffers a complication, it usually represents itself as a bile duct blockage.

A few ways to get this cancer

The dog or can cat get this cancer from the way dry dog food is made. It can get toxins in its process of making it. Also, it can come from the flame retardant on the bed of your pet.
A dog or cat can also get this when their human parent uses herbicides and pesticides in either the garden or grass. This is especially bad if the pet runs around in the yard.

Symptoms of this cancer

The symptoms of your pet with this type of cancer is drinking a lot more than they usually do as they are thirsty despite the fact they aren't eating anymore.
Their stomach might be rounded and enlarged a bigger size The stomach is larger because it usually has water in it that the stomach retains.

How doctors make a diagnosis

One of the first things, doctors will do so that they can tell you if your furry bundle of joy has this cancer is to take a blood test to test the chemicals in the blood. They will also do a Complete blood count test (CBC) like humans. These tests are to find if the cancerous enzyme went into the blood system.There will also be a test of the urine.
There will also be an x-ray and ultrasound to see what the texture of the liver looks like and there will also be an ultrasound done to the lungs to see if the cancer has spread to the lungs.
Unfortunately, there is not a good chance of the dog or cat will live with this type of cancer.


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