Birds, our Feathered Friends Flying Above Clouds

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The one thing which makes birds different from all other animals and humans is that they can FLY.The flight of a bird was an inspiration for many inventors who could later create planes and helicopters.
The Beautiful Feathers of the birds attract the observers most .Let's learn more about them.

Grouping of birds

Our Earth consists of many Living and Non-Living matter.The Living matter is subdivided into Plant and Animal Kingdoms.Birds are part of the Animal Kingdom.
Birds are again regrouped on the basis of the features and characteristics they have such as :- FLYING and FLIGHTLESS

Usually its interpreted that every bird is a species which can fly up in the sky but this is perceived by most of us,just because a vast majority of birds do fly up in the sky in search of food.
There is a rhyme for the toddlers which goes....
Oh ! My,My ! Tell me Why.....
Birds do Fly , Up in the Sky.....

This teaches us right from the age of kindergarten that birds fly up in the sky for catching their prey.But its a preconceived notion that every bird flies.
Birds which have the ability to fly have a different characteristic feature than the one which don't .

Researchers have found that there was a bird called "MOA" which had no wings, but
got extinct.

As we all know about the flying birds which are found even on trees in backyards in most of our homes. So we all have been aware of them right from our childhood.Never the less it becomes necessary to mention a few of them here :
Example of flying birds are : sparrow, pigeon, crow, parrot etc.

There are many local stories in south India which have got these birds as main characters.I agree, with the importance given to them due to their special abilities.

For example, a parrot is considered to be very intelligent, for its ability to speak or mimic.Its the only species which is a fortune teller's pet in most parts of India. You can find a story related to it in one of my articles. The link is provided here, The Future Teller .
Do enjoy reading it and let me know more about such birds if you want to share.

Crows are also given high importance, especially, feeding them during ceremonies is
a custom.
The Great poet ANNAMAIYYA also tells the importance of crows in one of the
instances.He says that a crow keeps reminding us that the relations are not eternal
and one should never have attachment for anything as it becomes too hard for us
to leave this world when its time to leave. (A CROW CAWS and CAW is being
understood as KAU by the poet which means NOT in one of the South Indian

We all know that PIGEONS were POSTMEN earlier.They were used to deliver news from one place to another.They were also SECRET AGENTS of earlier times, for kings.

Now coming back to other types of birds,there are FLIGHTLESS BIRDS which are considered as birds though they don't fly.
Example : Ostrich, Emu, Penguin etc.
Its believed that Ostrich and Emu could fly earlier but are now not able to fly, may be due to their heavy weights.These are called RATITES and are usually VERY LARGE GROUND FEEDING BIRDS.

The DOMESTIC bird CHICKEN or HEN keeps hopping and can only fly up to a height of 4 feet only to escape predators.

The next most important feature of birds is their ability to SWIM.
Example : Penguins, Ducks,kingfishers,pelicans etc.

The penguins' body feathers are short, and thus trap little air, and their bones are quite solid for birds. Both features reduce buoyancy, thereby helping penguins to remain submerged.
To work well in water, wings must be short and muscular. Long, slender wings are fine for soaring, but are poor instruments for flying in a medium as thick as water -- they cannot be moved rapidly against the friction.
Most birds that swim in fresh water propel themselves with their feet.

The Beautiful Feathers...

"Birds of the same feather flock together" This is well known saying to tell about people who have common likes or dislikes make a group and are usually friends.

But this actually illustrates the fact that, birds usually fly in groups and the groups are usually of birds having common characteristic feature.
You can never find crows and parrots flying together in a single group.

Bird feathers are amazingly complex. Each feather is made from the protein Keratin or the Beta Keratin.
They are usually classified into six different types of feathers.
The feathers we see commonly are flight and contour.
Down feathers are what we use in pillows, quilts, and jackets.
The other three feathers, semi plume, filo plume, and bristle, are not as common, but still useful to birds.

Uses of Feathers is a very big list. Some of them have been listed below :-
As far as my knowledge is concerned, Feathers make a bird appear very beautiful. as they are of many colors, perhaps all the colors of a rainbow !
You can find birds colored in red,blue,green,white,black,indigo,violet,brown etc.

Life of a bird

As a birdwatcher, one can always find birds working hard for their living.They wake up early in the morning at fly high up the sky only to have a few grains and then they are back home by dusk, but with a little food stored for their young ones.
The two most remarkable qualities of a bird as a parent, we can find usually in humans,are Caring and Responsibility.
And the beautiful and tactful ways of building their nests is simply outstanding.They make use of all their organs and build the strong nest with great interest and once they find it hard to live their, they don't waste a minute, to leave it...they won't have any sort of attachment for it, unlike humans.
I could find many videos related to Nest Construction in the following link
Even you can have a look at the beautiful varieties of such bird constructions so that you can understand it in a better way if you have the visual picture.

One can even know much about the Strength which lies in Unity through the small story which is taught to kids...The pigeons get trapped in the net laid by a hunter.The oldest one among the birds suggests all others to hold the net tight enough and escape by flying high, all at time.
The intelligence of a crow is also seen in another such story....THE THIRSTY CROW about which we are all aware of.
All such stories enhance our knowledge about birds.


A Last word related to Hindu Mythology :
We have a vast number of stories about the carriers or vehicles of Gods and Goddesses.
Birds have been preferred by most of the Gods as they can Fly , unlike other animals species. Eagle is preferred by Sri MahaVishnu and so he is also called the Garudavahana as the eagle is named Garuda.

The story related to the birth of Garuda is very interesting.Long ago there was a king Kashyap who had 2 wives, Vinatha and Kadruva.
Kadruva had the boon of having 1000 snakes as sons and Vinatha had asked for only 2 sons but who must be stronger and better than all the sons of her counterpart.
So, that was how she had Garuda or the Eagle, as one of her sons who was much stronger and powerful than his step brothers and so all the snakes are said to be its preys.

Due to the mighty power of Garuda, Vishnu chose him as his vehicle or the carrier on which he is believed to be traveling all over the world.

Learning to handle adversity

We can even learn to face the problems or change our attitude towards a situation which we feel is a problem, by observing some of the birds' lifestyle.
You may even have a look at one of my articles "FILTER COFFEE" to know how to face when the situation becomes tough for you.

Birds which are Well Known to Kids now

Yes, the most common bird well known to kids now is the ANGRY BIRD.
Its amazing to find a bird which is always having the same emotion and which we have never seen earlier.
Kids are lucky enough to watch such a bird if it was really related to bird watching.
But alas, they are happy with it , playing with it on the internet !
Its good if kids are keen to know about such birds, observing and researching more on different kinds of such an intelligent species.
Recently, there was an article related to the way the game was developed, along with a short note on the other kinds of birds, to which my kid was very much attracted, hope such interests make them good observers of nature in future.


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