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Birejji is a very popular and enhanced paid to chat website, this guide is made to be understandable for those who are not natively English.

List Of Features

Birejji has so many features, let me describe just a few of them to you:

  • Create your own village/Chat room
  • Join villages/Chat rooms
  • Change email/password
  • Set your own moderators and admins if you are the owner of a village/Chat room
  • If you own a village/Chat room get 5% of the revenue your room generates daily

The Basics

It is time to get the run down on Birejji.

So you have just joined Birejji but do not know what to do next? Simple! Go to the Birejji website, enter your username and password. To log-in. Then click/join/visit the Main village/ Chat room.

From there you can get further help. Now just chat there and make some money, continue reading below to learn more...

What is the POT?

The POT displayed in the village/ Chat room that you are currently active in is how much you will earn per message that you send that is over 3 words long and does not contain spam.

The POT changes depending on how much the village/Chat room made the previous day (money that is!) From the ads displayed in the chat room.

In the Main room the pot tends to be the highest but from time-to-time it does decide to drop to a low amount.


When you are logged-in to Birejji your earnings are displayed in Cents not dollars. So pretend your earnings said 1.0000c in Birejji that is the same as $0.01 but if it was 100.0000c in Birejji that would mean $1.

Payment Options And Information

Birejji at the time of writing this offers 2 payment options:

PayPal: Minimum is 25.0000c
Alertpay: Minimum 100.0000c
Once you request payment it is sent to the email registered on your account instantly.

Friends Feature

Recently, Birejji added a new Friends feature. When you add someone as a Friend it will add them to your Friends page located at the top after you have logged-in. If one of your Friends is logged-in then it will provide there username and the room they are currently chatting in so you can easily find them and chat to them.

Creating You Own Village/Chat room

Birejji allows it's members to create there own villages and chat rooms. If your account is over 60 days old then after logging-in click Account at the top of Birejji. Click "Create a village" button, fill-in all the details required in the form.

Then go to your village and start adding a few moderators by promoting members.

You will also earn 5% of all the money your village makes every day!

Using the commands

The commands in Birejji are pretty basic and easy to use.

To use a command, click the button in the chat room you want (the command button) then click the username you wish to use that command on. Then press Enter to send the command and allow the server to complete it.

Commands list:
Friend: Adds someone to your friends list
Unfriend: Removes someone from your friends list
Warn: Warns a user, at the end of the command type a reason for warning that user then press Enter
Kick: Kicks someone out the room, they can come back to the room straight a way.
Mute: Mutes someone in the room so they cannot chat for up to an hour.
Ban: Bans the user FOREVER from the room so they can never go back there
Unban: Allows a banned user back into the room.

Not a member?

Are you not a member of Birejji yet but just read this guide? Please join Birejji by clicking on this link here


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
10th Jul 2011 (#)

paid to chat site.. interesting thanks for your review and guide to Birejji

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author avatar wjack2010
11th Jul 2011 (#)

You are very welcome. I will continue to edit this when Birejji adds new things and as it changes.

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author avatar Denise O
12th Jul 2011 (#)

Good information on Birejji. I have never heard of this site. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar wjack2010
12th Jul 2011 (#)

You are welcome, thank you for reading my guide.

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author avatar Babychane
17th Jul 2011 (#)

it's nice that you made this guide. It will helps those new in the site. Anyway, I think you should edit this because there's a lot of changes in the site about creating village. Just a suggestion and hope you don't mind. ^^

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author avatar Meg
17th Aug 2011 (#)

Hello, I'm not sure if it's a bug of what but there's a village that no one can see me chatting. Was I muted?

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