Birthday Wishes: How they evolved with time

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Times have changed indeed. Birthday wishes has evolved with it. There is, however, a meeting point at its midst.

Today is my day

Today is my birthday and a friend asked me what my birthday wish is. While at it, I wondered what a woman of my age from some decades ago would wish for.

Then and Now

The changing of times is mirrored in everything and what people wish for on their birthdays signify such.

A child’s usual birthday wish is to have the doll she eyed at the toy store the other day, to be inside this gift box she is now receiving. With the more hectic times in our hands, this little girl’s tangible desire is to have the priceless presence of her ever-busy dad in her birthday party.

Few decades ago, a teenager’s mere wish is that her crush at school comes to her birthday treat. Today, the same teenager’s silent wish is for her not to be pregnant this time.

A young adult’s dream for her day is to do well at the upcoming interview and land her her dream job. This is now accompanied with a selfless wish for peace in her currently chaotic country.

As an adult, her simple wish is more prosperity for her and her children. At this current time, she asks for food on their table the next day.

As she approaches old age, she thanks God for her blessings and asks for more years ahead. Now, she asks God for strength to endure the coming years ahead.

There will always be a treat

Times have indeed brought complication but at the same time have simplified parts of it.

It is my birthday today and I sit miles from my family and friends. Sometime ago, this would dampen my mood but thanks to the emails, Facebook and mobile phones, even old acquaintances are able to pass on a small greeting to me on this day -something that would be quite impossible ages before.

My Wishes

Well, for starters I got that gadget I’ve been eyeing for months and for now made me that happy little girl embracing her new doll. It would still be perfect if I could share some ice cream with my dad for a few minutes of this day but thankfully I am now able to understand the meaning of ‘soon”.

I have gone past the crushes but on the same note, my husband cannot be home today. Anyhow, my birthday treat is going to happen when he comes home in next few days so what’s there to miss? The counterpart doesn’t apply rightly to me but maybe a wish of its opposite, in the right time.

Today also brought an interesting call and I hope this would give me that dream job soon. As for peace to be restored in this country, (as with everyone else) I don’t just wish for it but sincerely pray for it.

Furthermore, I wish continued prosperity for my family and thank God that we don’t have to worry about the next day’s food on the table. Beyond the cake, food, celebration (or even with the lack of it), it is a day to thank for the blessings I have so far, and strength to enjoy the years ahead with more blast! :)

Let it come true

Times have changed indeed. Birthday wishes has evolved with it. There is, however, a meeting point at its midst. It is all about understanding & appreciating what we have and; realizing what we miss and appreciating more…Then only our birthday wishes will find its way to come true.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
23rd Mar 2011 (#)

As time pasts,our perspectives of life changes as do our expectations and desires. Happy birthday Zed.

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author avatar zed
24th Mar 2011 (#)

Thanks for the greetings Jerry :)

and for stopping by!

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author avatar Carol
24th Mar 2011 (#)

happy birthday Zed, your own birthday is always a special day no matter what age we are.

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author avatar zed
25th Mar 2011 (#)

truly agree Carol :)
thanks for the greetings !

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
3rd May 2012 (#)

Be in peace and harmony and cool. Nice sharing and enjoy.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
4th Sep 2012 (#)

a bit late...but happy birthday...I celebrate every day for each day is a new day...Aries you are too like me!

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