Blending Weather and Culture - a potent tool for wealth creation (part I)

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“Let’s discover our differing value systems, and then look for a foundation of shared values where we might find a way to live together"

Create Wealth Blending Weather and Culture (paper 1)

Two phenomenal factors common to all humans regardless of their race, ideological or social divide are culture and weather. The duo varies directly with geographical divide. In this article the need arises to consider how weather has affected culture and vice visa, how man has been transformed and transforming his society and natural or physical environment, how weather/climate affects man and how man respond to weather.
It may suffice to put weather as the summation of experiences of the atmospheric variations, while culture is the term for all the ideals, system of values, symbols, beliefs and attitudes shared, that shapes and informs the perception and behavior of a people usually in their unique spheres.
When people act or exhibit some behavior they do so based on the weather and climatic conditions with respect to the technical, social, economic and political interferences.
Man is endowed with profound knowledge of weather which may have developed over thousands of years of inhabiting and observing his natural environment and as a result of this been able to exploit and dominate his physical environment.
One field of study concerned with the content of man’s interactions with weather and climate is anthropology. It encompasses the role of weather/climate in man’s way of life (culture). Anthropologists are concerned with culture.
Environmental anthropology spans the social and cultural dynamics of communities as affected by environmental impacts and policy decisions. Environmental anthropology are often interested in interactions between humans and weather and climate because of their centrality in our lives – for example, the role of weather and climate in the production and reproduction of culture, how they influenced specific societies in the past, their history and physiological adaptations. The typical man in his interaction with weather and other environmental features has come up with different traditional occupations and ventures. Therefore based on one’s geographical peculiarities man should ask specific and structured questions with respect to his environment. Someone whom fate has situated in Sahara desert may not engage in a profession like lumbering as it will be out of place for another inhabiting in polar regions who may not engage in cultivation of crops. People who are the most impoverished and least powerful around the world are also those who inhabit environments in dearth of natural resources and are unable to shield themselves from the impacts of their environmental hazards. They are vulnerable !
In cognizance of these implications, policy makers have introduced climate change initiatives into the public sphere. People also formulate their their worldviews based on cultural backdrop. Stephan Schneider at a conference in 1970 said: “Let’s discover our differing value systems, and then look for a foundation of shared values where we might find a way to live together".
We need to add to Stephens view ‘and make the world a better place’.


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