Blood Sucking Creatures From Around the World

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Many people are obsessed with vampires and there are cults such as the goth cult and television series such as Twilight that populate our teen culture these days.


There is no doubt that blood thirsty predators would be a hazard to the survival of humanity and to the health of unfortunate victims. Where did the legends begin? Was there any truth to these stories and why did they survive so long? Many of these creatures might be explained through real life health conditions that will be explained later on in this series.

Stories of other blooding sucking creatures that preceded Vampires - continued

The Sasabonsam
The Sasabonsam is a vampire-like creature of South Africa.

The Ramanga is a living vampire who eats children and nail clippings of the nobles of Madagascar.

The Loogaroo Vampire is a combination of African voodoo and French folklore.

The Soucouyant of Trinidad is an old hag by day that transforms into a fireball at night to travel in search of humans to suck their life's blood. Many tales of blood sucking vampire-like creatures are prominent in Asian legends as well.

A South American legend of the Chupacabra is a blood-sucking creature who feeds off of animals. The vampire-like beast has been reported in North America, in places such as Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico, Michigan and New Jersey. The creature sucks the blood and life out of livestock, primarily goats, but any livestock can be a target. It is reported to be half human and half vampire.

These creatures are all myths and none have been proven to exist.

Vampire bats

Vampire bats

Of course we know about the vampire bats that pierce the main artery of a human and release a chemical that renders the victim unconscious as it feeds on blood and sucks the life out the individual. Though vampire bats have attacked humans, these incidents are very rare. They do however they find on horses, pigs, birds and cows. The common vampire bat, Desmodus rotundus all but 8 inches long commonly feeds on cows.

Montreal-born actress Rachelle Lefèvre landed a key role in the Twilight movie. She says she always had a passion for vampires.

To be continued

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Thank you for sharing.

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Wow Carol, interesting read, so even in South Africa we have some vampires. Hmmm, makes me think. Great writing, I enjoyed the read. You are a blessing.

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Carol, great article! I found it very interesting.

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Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

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