Body language to be accurately interpreted must be individually based

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Body language like any other language is a form of communication.

The difference between spoken languages and body language is that direct speech can be more consciously and awarely applied.

Body language is always being unconsciously communicated to other people. Things will remain that way for you too unless you educate your self to the meanings behind the gestures.

This is a brief introduction to this art.

Body language in layman's terms.

Body language is a language that the books will tell you can be rather easily learnt.

A man with crossed over arms, for example, is generally thought to be acting in a withdrawn way, or he is protecting himself from what you are saying. He is adding an arm shield to his defence.

He is withdrawing himself, holding himself inwardly, making himself smaller. He wants to block you out from his inner self, and perhaps from his outer friendship too.

He might be restraining himself, maintaining his self control, by stopping himself from fidgeting and giving away his other feelings by the involuntary movement of his arms.

But of course, he might just be feeling cold!

It is said that reading a person's body language lets you know how they are feeling emotionally about what they are really saying behind the cover of their words. It also will let you know though about what they are thinking about what you are saying to them, or about what you are doing in their presence.

It describes how happy they really are about being in your presence, and it lets the other person also know how happy you are about being in their company too!

It reveals what is really going on both ways!

Let's return back now again to the example given above.

Even the method of crossing your arms apparently means something.

It has been observed that seven out of ten people cross their arms naturally with their left arm being placed over their right. This gesture is thought to be genetically driven. It feels uncomfortable to someone to do it the other way, when they go against this genetic programming.

It is thought that some of these body language gestures are genetic in their disposition, and that others are learned.

Funnily enough though, a related gesture, hand clasping is not thought to be genetically influenced at all. Apparently, this gesture is split around fifty/fifty as to which thumb you place on top of the other.

My old father will still tell you though that feminine men will put their left thumb over their right , and that masculine he men will do the opposite!

The psychologists have gotten into this field too, with open arms. Here is a link to an article written from their point of view.

Body language, and its relationship to face reading

Chinese face reading, which is also known as physiognomy, purports to claim that the shape of a person's face depicts their character make-up in some way, or another.

Someone with a curved or hooked nose is said to be cunning, for example. We all probably know the expression, that, "our eyes are the window to our souls."

The Chinese add to this though.

They will tell you that someone with sharp eyes, or that are dynamically focussed, and not dreamy, is usually intelligent. Eyes are expressive, and they reveal our emotions. Those with small eyes are nit pickers, and examine things minutely. They look for all the details, not wanting to miss seeing anything.

These ideas have been gathered from observations of different faces made over many centuries. Some of these traits are probably generally true then, but they might not always be specifically so.

Here is a link to this ancient art of Chinese face reading.

These types of claims have been being made for thousands of years.

Another such system used in the past was Phrenology, which says that the shape of a person's head, (more particularly the skull), means something. Other systems still, for example, Chirognomy further claim that even the shape of our hands and fingers carry their own meanings too.

It was once said that those with a large nose love life.

This simple enough observation might stem from the fact that they take in more oxygen than other people do! They are also meant to live longer because of this, and they will most likely live a long prosperous successful, fulfilling life too.

Funnily enough though, our nose and ears do keep getting larger as we grow older. This is because they contain cartilage rather than bone. This cartilage continues to grow right up until the day that we finally die.

This writer's own ideas about all of this

Body language was probably the first type of language developed before even speech was ever being used by our ancestors.

There is your outer self, and there is your inner self though. Speech often comes forth from our outer self. Body language can reveal to others our inner self.

Body language is often very meaningful. It is often more simple in its descriptive truth, or more direct in its connection to the real meaning of any situation or experience, than what our verbalised words will ever describe.

This is because behind these body set up positions are usually very real types of feelings that explain indirectly why we are behaving just the way that we outwardly are.

Only when spoken language was first developed did any of these ideas of different ways of interpreting what was really being said come into it. People began to doubt the authenticity of our words.

They suspected that we were not speaking the truth from our truth.

This was because words could carry several different shades of meaning, whereas the body would always still link back to the underlying real meaning, that was sitting behind what we were really saying. The outer did not match the inner.

Body language can see through much of this outer veneer.

This happens because our body language is a more innate and basic or fundamental rendering of the inner connection that is trying to be made to the other person.

Outwardly, we so often try to keep this hidden by some indirect means.

We might subconsciously or consciously use ambiguous words, or we might even create some lies, or untruths.

The first man Adam, as mentioned in the Christian bible, hid himself away from God. He used his verbal speech to blame someone else, but the fact that he was hiding something else behind his speech, was still not being hidden from God's eyes.

It was being shown to God by his bodily attempt to cover over his nakedness.

This is what language also sometimes does, but which it never entirely ever achieves, because our body itself always remains an open book to those who can read it.

Learn something about body language, and you will also learn something about yourself!

Final words, and conclusion

Body language is gathered from collectively gathered knowledge, but to apply it individually accurately, you must allow for fluctuations of meanings to exist between various individuals, especially between the different cultures.

Observe carefully before jumping to hasty conclusions.

Body language is another set of communication rules that apply to the inter-connective ways in which one body talks to another body.

Every part of you talks from its own language, in its own language. Your body, your mind, your emotions, your soul. All have a unique distinguishing language of their own

Our body's language might be thought to be just its own.

The truth is though that our physical body is always being reflective of the higher language, or of the hidden meanings that are being held behind it.

It is this inner truth which is causing these outer manifestations of behaviour, as they are being depicted outwardly within these outer gestures, to take place in your outer body.

This, in a nutshell, is what we are referring to here in this article as reading your body language. We learn to see the inner meaning behind the outer gestures.


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