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In this article you'll learn about the pests that affect growth of bonsai tree and how you should avoid them.

Common Pests in Garden

As beginner gardener you need to know about the insects, animals and bugs that chew on your plants. There are plenty of pests that are likely to attack your bonsai plant. In this article you'll find out the type of pests and how to keep your bonsai alive from their attacks. There are plenty of bonsai pests really hard to keep away from your plant if you're not using any precautionary measures against them.

If you're new to bonsai gardening(that includes trees, fertilizers and pests) then i suggest you to check beginners bonsai tree and bonsai tree types with your local garden shop so that you can understand your bonsai tree better. Let's take a look at the types of bonsai pests which are likely to haunt your plant.

Soil organisms and parasites

There are three major types of parasites you should keep away from your plants - Nematodes, Maggots and Grubs.A nematode is a worm which is cylindrical in shape and is considered as parasite which attacks on bonsai trees. Maggots are the soil organism that are most likely attack on your plant. Grubs are easy to take care of as they're larval stage of beetle and can be eliminated using predators and insecticides.

Sucking Insects

Aphid, spittle bugs and mites fall into this category. Aphids are light green or gray color insects and their body looks transparent and so they look more like invisible ants. Aphids suck the sap of trees and shrubs and in turn that portion of plant becomes yellow or starts to curl. Spit bugs are easy to take care of as they're quite rare and insecticides is best solution against them. Spit bug infestation results in deformed foliage so it is better to take care of them as early as possible. Spider mites are also one of the common insects that affect bonsai, usual insecticide solutions work well against them.

Chewing Insects

Cicadas, Slugs and snail, caterpillars and ants are the known chewing insects. Slugs and snails are common in almost every garden but they're no good for bonsai plants. Few gardeners use poison made especially for slug and snails to wipe them out of garden. Cicadas feed on the root of the plant and are underground insects so in order to eliminate them you need to put soil poison for them. Caterpillar is larvae stage of butterfly and you can eliminate them using available insecticide or manual removal from branches.


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