Bottled water cost way too much

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Bottled water is constantly adding to the earth's polution what can we do as individuals to help?

Twelve billion dollar a year industry

Hey did you know that buying bottled water costs us about 10,000 time as much as drinking tap water? Well I didn’t and I was quite shocked when I found out. For something we get for free every time it rains we sure are willing to pay a lot for. I wish I had been the one to turn a free nature provided product into a 12 billion dollar a year industry.

But with our economy still struggling to right itself buying bottled water just isn’t a smart thing to do. Millions of us have gotten in the healthy habit of drinking water every day which is great…but it’s costing us a fortune. A person who only buys one bottle of water a day will spend hundreds of dollars in a years time. And that isn’t the worst of it…

Thirty billion plastic water and soda bottles are produced each year and less than twenty percent of them are actually recycled. All this plastic is quickly filling up our landfills…uh if it makes it to the landfills. Tons of this garbage is simply littering our roadways and our waterways and oceans. It takes forever to bio degrade and nature simply can’t keep up.

So what can we do to help? Well I am lucky, my tap water is clean and fresh and doesn’t need extra filtering. For those not as fortunate a filter can easily be installed right on your kitchen faucet. There are many different systems available to us consumers and any one of them will pay for itself in a pretty short time. Not only will you be saving yourself hundreds a years you will be doing you part to save the environment as well.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Sep 2010 (#)

My wife loves to joke about all the people who complain about the price of gas, than pay way more for bottled water, something which costs companies PENNIES to make!

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author avatar L.Henry
27th Sep 2010 (#)

Very very true Mark Brown.

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