Brain Power and The Rubik’s Cube

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Does it make us smarter or is it just a silly and infuriating plastic box of colours?

Rubiks on Speed.
This is just scary. I have always been in awe of people that can do the rubik’s cube. It’s a vertiable skill. But seriously, how?


It depends on your definition of ’smart’. The rubik’s cube is a logic game where if one follows an particular algorithm then you will ‘complete’ the cube by putting the colours together. If you want to learn logical processes and mathmatical algorithms by practical application, this is the game/brain training for you.

However, if your appreciation of intelligence is on a different plain from the mathmatical and scientific, then we may claim that the rubik’s cube makes us less intelligent. Guilty as charged, I’m a student of Humanities, but this is more than a simple ‘art vs science’ debate. As you saw in the video above, the player twisted and clicked his way to a complete cube in less than 15 seconds. He appeared to lack any intellectual engagement with the problem, scientific or artistic. The algorithm itself became a motor function, like the ability to catch a ball or walk along the street. It was a muscle trick, not an engaged mind solving that problem.
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I still have a great respect for people that can do the ‘rubik’s cube’ but I challenge anyone who thinks it is the height of intellectual achievement to look at themselves in the mirror and pull a face. You’re doing a muscle trick, not an engaged process. It’s a party trick. Remember that.


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author avatar Doug smith
26th Sep 2011 (#)

Less Intelligent?
Can you solve a rubiks cube?
It may look like a party trick to you but I assure you that the person who is twisting the cube is in a state of intense concentration. It is nothing like being able to catch a ball or walk down the street to me. I would suggest that you take the time to learn how to do something before you write like you are some kind authority on the subject. If you did some research you might find out that there are a significant amount of cubes out there from 3x3x3 to 14x14x14
I watched a video where a man solver a 7x7x7 cube blindfolded and it took him over an hour. Is that not a feat of intelligence? Investigate and open your mind before you pontificate.


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author avatar Claire
25th Mar 2013 (#)

I absolutely agree with Doug... I'm not saying I have any gifted super intelligence but as a cuber, its much more than twisting it using muscle memory. There are 43 quintillion different combinations, so every time you solve it you have different problems to solve, its about pattern recognition more than muscle memory and it take intense concentration to recognise the different patterns and think of its solution in split seconds!

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author avatar Frickarlos
13th Dec 2012 (#)

There's a good online Rubik's Cube solver, it can help you for sure: <a href="">Click here</a>

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author avatar Rick Anthony
20th May 2013 (#)

On agreeing with Doug, as do I. Why don't you try to make light of this 4d magic cube.

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