Breath of Fire walkthrough, Part 19: Auria (SNES, GBA)

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Ryu, Nina and Bo are off to the wonderful town of Auria to continue their quest. Are there any allies waiting for them? Er... kinda.

Town of Brilliance

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Ryu, now possessing the fledgling powers of his clan, is stronger than ever and more than ready to take on the evil of the Dark Dragons. He's still got a long way before he can counter the evil of Zog, true, but this is definitely a good start. Now, off to the south...

Leave the Dragon Shrine and put Bo at the head of the party. Head a bit further south and you'll see a cave beyond some trees that Bo can pass through. Do so and enter the cave. The Shadows within aside - these things can be a pain with their cursing abilities, though little more than a pain - nothing you'll see in here is different from what you've already encountered.

Follow the path as it winds through the cave. Your journey is quite straightforward, aside from a single derivation to the west that reveals a path blocked by rocks. You'll get through this area eventually... but not right now. Keep it in mind for a bit later, when you have a way to get rid of the rocks. Keep going south to leave the cave.

Once you exit you'll find yourself back on the main map in an area with some fantastically weak enemies. Don't bother lingering: head straight south and to the town on the sea side. This is Auria, one of the richest towns in the world... and as soon as you set foot in the place, you'll be arrested and stuck in jail, considered thieves. What an entrance.

There's an easy way out of your cell, fortunately. You're sharing it with one other fellow who's sleeping in the cell's bed. Talk to him and he'll run over and open the lock on the cell so you can leave. Who is this dude? Oh well... go upstairs, avoid the counter and leave. There's a soldier near the jail cell who will bring you back here if you get too close to him, though the guy in the cell can always let you out.

Now to explore. Auria has a ton of items in its opulent houses, making exploration a necessity to get everything. of particular importance is the shop near the police station: not only can you buy a ton of new items from the vendor for your party, you can buy a Vitamin for the man upstairs and earn yourself 5000 GP. There's also a dresser hiding a secret room on the second floor. You can also earn 20,000 GP in one house by having Nina give a man a back rub on the second floor. Scandalous.

Ultimately, you need a ship to go from here to Scande, so head to the port. The captain of the ship will say that it belongs to a man named Ross, who's in the north-most house in the town. You'd best pay the guy a visit if you want to get anywhere in this town and see if he'll lend you the ship for a while.

See if Ryu gets to sail the high seas in Part 20!


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Good read.
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