Breath of Fire walkthrough, Part 27: Dark Dragon Ship (SNES, GBA)

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With the Light and Dark Keys in hand, Ryu and the gang are ready to make for Scande on a stolen ship. Naturally, all will not go well. (When does it ever?)

Shanghaing a Ship

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After spending another insane amount of money, Ryu and his group have purchased another G. Bar and traded it for some GnPwdr. With any luck this powder will help them infiltrate the Dark Dragon base nearby and get on a ship that will take them to Scande... hopefully.

After beating up the Dark Dragons you may be a bit injured, so heal and head north from Auria to the cave that brought you here in the first place. Follow it to a split that leads west, then approach the rocks blocking the path. Your leader will set the explosives and blow the rocks away. Walk south and follow the path out of the cave.

You're at the sea edge, near a small building. Ignore the building, there's nothing of use in it, and wander down the path to the west until you're faced by Dark Dragons. Beat them up and keep going until you see a ship. Board it.

As you run into the ship you'll run into a few more battles with the Dark Dragons, none of which are terribly novel or difficult. Keep running into the ship and eventually you'll wind up facing a Knight below the decks. He seems to recognize your superior power, however, and transforms into a monstrous boss to bedevil your party, the Squid. (Aren't these guys supposed to turn into dragons?)

This guy is tough, but he'll prove really easy if you transform Ryu into a Thunder Dragon. The Squid is weak to this form and will take a lot of damage to your attacks. Have your other characters use normal attacks or heal while Ryu is beating the Squid down - it doesn't use really potent attacks so healing won't be a MASSIVE priority - and you'll come out on top in the end.

When the Knight vanishes he vows that his brother will seek revenge. Okie dokie, hope he's worth the same amount of experience... proceed deeper into the ship and you'll find a fair amount of treasure and a HUGE cache of ammunition, but that's all. Take your leave of the emptied ship and return to Auria's port, then talk to the captain after healing at the inn and saving. He's ready to take you out of the area, and will use the Dark Dragon ship to do it... though whether he can do this without a hitch is another matter altogether.


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author avatar angelnjuly
29th Dec 2010 (#)

What a tip!!! I wish I know about this but I'm not so into computer games. Thanks Matt Bird!!!

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29th Dec 2010 (#)

nice work.

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31st Dec 2010 (#)

Matt it looks like you got a lot of us interested. Good job.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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22nd Jan 2011 (#)

Damn, wish I could play comuter games all day, but my books won't allow me:-(

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